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I’ve not been leaving as many comments on other sites as I used to, even though I’m still reading as many (if not more) sites.

Someone pointed out to me that I could be more constructive with my comments, and they were right. Often my comments are short, silly and pointless. I rarely engage in the ‘discussions’ in a comment box, preferring to comment once, possibly read any newer comments, and then move on.

(BTW, to the person who pointed this out to me, you were right not to let it slide, I’m not having a go at you).

However I think my approach is starting to affect my ‘writing’ here. I think less and less about what I post here, and as I’ve stated before, this is something I want to change.

Change takes time and effort though, both things I have little of at present (for the pedants in the audience, I have little energy, not little effort although they are kinda the same thing so maybe I DID mean I have little effort… fucksticks). Instead I’m doing what I do best, avoiding the issue by re-designing again, and playing about with the Scottish Blogs site.

So, I need you all to be honest, have I ever left a comment on your site that… no hang on… I don’t need YOUR validation. I can leave whatever comments I like! I mean you are all idiots and I’m wonderful, so it’s only fair.

Spot the recurring theme?

Note: I do NOT consider you ALL to be idiots (heh), and I’m as far from wonderful as you could possibly get. So to the other person who contacted me telling me that I shouldn’t really write those kind of things I have this to say – fuck off and stop reading.

Christ, I’ve started taking after Kitten and come over all militant.

Crap, I wasn’t gonna talk about that show was I… oh well. If you don’t like you can f… ohh you know…

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I’m here. I think. If you are, leave a comment so I know it’s all working!

BTW, HERE = www.gordonmclean.co.uk

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I’ve been getting back skinning and customisation of my desktop recently thanks to Samurize, Neowin and (the sadly defunct but still findable with Google) Y’z Dock. It’s slightly addictive mind you – and I find myself changing things a lot more than I used to… especially when you come across a screenshot of someone else’s desktop and think “ohhhh I like that!”.

So, how many of you guys are bothered about ‘skinning’ applications or customisation of your OS?

UPDATE: Well the initial response to this is “eh?” so here is a primer for you. One note here, if you do decide to ‘skin’ Windows XP by getting some new themes (the default blue with green start button is called Luna BTW) then let me know. I’ll post a screenshot of my current desktop when I get home to show you some of what is possible. Of course if you aren’t interested just say so I don’t waste my time!

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Every now and then I get to this stage. I’ve got several priority ‘things’ (all from different sources, some professional, some not) and they are all fighting for space in my head. There is stuff I need to think about at home, stuff I need to think about for work, even stuff I WANT to think about for work (new stuff, much more exciting than the usual mundane drudgery). Technical stuff, ethical stuff, practical stuff, emotional stuff. Stuff, stuff, stuff.

I’ve tried writing lists, hoping it would help get things organised, but after a little thought I promptly realised that ‘several’ really means ‘greater than thirty’ which just adds more stuff to my head that I hadn’t previously thought about and doesn’t really help matters.

So how come I can’t get around to starting even one of them?

What I need is a team of monkeys, so I can delegate the research part involved in most of the ‘things’… ideas man, that’s me.


Who said “Lazy bugger more like..”, I HEARD THAT!

BTW – one of the ‘things’ is wondering if I could reverse engineer After Dark – remember… flying toasters… anyone? hello??

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…Friday. OH NO, it’s Friday the 13th!! (cue scary music…)

Bit of an odd week. Up and down. Busy on all fronts but only progressing a few.

All summed up last night when my Mum phoned and asked what we’d been up to… I was stumped. Essentially we’ve ‘done’ nothing all week. No cinema, nowt. Just TV, books and PHP…

Of course this weekend will be different. ‘Tis the weekend of lurve. We will do something during the day, and retire home where I’ll turn the kitchen into a battlezone and we’ll quaff a few large glasses of vino whilst trying to figure out what I cooked. There will be cards, and maybe flowers (hand-picked if I can find any), copious amounts of candles will be burned and we’ll stay awake until the wee small hours talking about dreams.

Romance is what you make it, thankfully both of us agree that romance doesn’t cost £35 for roses, £50 for dinner nor require any gifts. We love each other every single day of the year, can’t put a price on that.

In other news, today is cake day at work and I’m actually in work on a Friday. Which is nice. I’m over my blip of yesterday (hell I was over it by about 3pm), so expect more from me today.

Right, I’m off to get my cocktail order in…

BTW wee david, I can’t ‘click’ your comments link. The rest of the links on the page work fine. V.odd!

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OK, I give up.

Which paper should I read? I’m not a big newspaper guy, the Metro in the morning, and the occasional paper at the weekend, but I regularly hear comments about papers by others.. is this common information? Is it listed somewhere? (Times = Conservative, Guardian = liberal) and if I hardly read a paper is it worth my time finding out?

So, is the Glasgow Herald a safe bet?

BTW – I know I that the Daily Record/Sun/News of the World etc aren’t classed here, I’m talking Independent and Telegraph etc.

UPDATE: Better still, let’s build the perfect newspaper – which sections are best? which columnist? which supplements?

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To appease the Pink one, and fyi, the gallery was created by a fantastic piece of software by the name of Express Thumbnail Creator. It’s an absolute doddle to do, simply shuffle the images you want into a folder (of course making sure they are sized and compressed properly… ahem..) then follow the wizard to get HTML pages, thumbnail graphics, everything! Very configurable, and suits my needs as I prefer to work offline with these things before FTPing them up to the site.

I’ll be tweaking the gallery for the future, and no doubt tweaking the rest of the site too, but then I think I’ve said that before.

BTW – Have you seen any Galactic Toss Monkeys recently?

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Ohh god, it seems I’m ‘quite cool’. Now I’m worried that:

a. I have a ‘rep’ to live up to
b. I’ll need to improve to be consider ‘hip’ (or do I need to get worse?)
c. my age is showing. I’m not 24 (which is the age most of my brain thinks I am until that annoying bit reminds me that I am, in fact, 28).

Still if someone thinks I’m quite cool, I’m MORE than happy to go along with it.

BTW – does listening to Eminem and The Streets make me cooler?

Mine sucks. My wife on the other hand can remember that tomorrow is Pauline Curry’s birthday. Pauline went to school with Louise, and other than a few hello’s in the pub, we’ve not really seen her since then. Louise can remember the birthdays of most people she went to school with, and most of the people I went to school with as well (different schools I should point out).

I struggle to remember what I’m doing at work tomorrow.

Anyone got a memory upgrade for Brain 1.0?

Blogging Life

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