Being Social

I've written about social media before, and given presentations on Blogging and the wider use of social media as part of our professional toolbox. But that was mostly with a view to how these new technologies could be used to provide a better service to our customers. So what does social media mean to me,

Home is…

It's over six months since I moved into my flat, and it's only now starting to feel like home. For a while I was using the old sofa (old as in age, and as in 'pre-divorce') but I now have my own sofa and chairs. I have art on the walls, bookcases, lamps and, once

The slow road to content strategy

I'm always wary of buzzwords and industry fads, and will always take, primarily, a business focused view on any new theory (or strategy) that I hear about until I fully understand its real life application. Such is the case with Content Strategy. It's something I've talked about on here before (under the guise of Information

Roll on the holidays

For various historical and religious reasons, none of which I pay much heed to, I will be on holiday from this Friday through to Tuesday the 3rd of May. Given that it's only costing me three days from my holiday allowance, then it's almost like a free holiday. Part of that time will involve a

Saturday sunshine

A quiet moment on a sunny evening. I sat in my chair by the window, opened a book and as the sun started to set behind the hills reached down to flick on the lamp. On the table an ice cold beer glistened in the light, music wafted over from the far side of my

Piece by piece

Part way through April and the discussions and planning over the past few months look like they are, slowly, starting to come together. The plans are ambitious, not only are we restructuring our information offering to make things easier to find, we are also attempting to change the way we document our product. Moving us


I'm getting too old for the kind of gig I was at last night. Too old to be on the main floor, arms raised, head back, jumping up and down in the midst of a writhing, sweary, ecstatic group of people all determined to give Faithless a little bit of payback for all the fun

ISTC website

It's official. I'm now the webmaster for the ISTC. Before I start talking about my plans and ideas for the ISTC website, I thought I'd give you all a bit of background as to why I'm reasonably well qualified to be taking this on. It all starts about 16 years ago... I joined a small