Some more about me

Reading time: < 1 min Recently I was interviewed for an article, about me, that was posted on our company website. Me. I’ve only been there a year! Apparently they must think I’m very interesting (which I am, to me). I was, of course, able to provide more dazzling insights into my suave and considered life – if you are […]

Six Thousand

Reading time: 2 mins This is my 6,000th post. Almost 1.5 million words and counting. It’s a bit bonkers really. It’s one thing to consider the time that has passed since I posted my first ever blog post, but quite another to look at the build up stats surrounding this odd little place. Yes I know, if you do […]

The thing about Bluey

Reading time: 3 mins Being a parent is hard. It’s also rewarding, fun, tiring, expensive, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!… but it can be really overwhelming to have so much responsibility. You spend every single day making decisions for this tiny human who has no conception of what he’s doing most of the time, he’s just […]