And now, the end is near

2004. Not a bad year, not a great year, but probably better than average. 2005 is creeping over the horizon (depending where you are reading this it may already be 2005) and I'm already looking forward. What will the coming year hold for us? What do I resolve to do this year? Well I don't

Evil Empire

I'm a happy Telewest customer. They supply a good, reliable cheap phone service (my in-laws live in Spain now, so 2p a minute isn't to be sneezed at), a reliable broadband service which isn't the cheapest around but isn't too far off the mark and all the TV channels we (don't really) need. So why

2004 lists

I don't normally do these. I'm not a great fan of looking back at the past, but then I don't make resolutions so I guess I'm not so fond of the future either. Live for today and all that! Still it was a pretty good year, and I DO have some plans for next year...

Asia Quake

Still awake. Still processing the news. The horror doesn't wane. I didn't mention it before because surely everyone is aware, everyone is thinking the same thoughts. Three days on, numbers rising, still only fleeting moments of comprehension. It's so safe and warm in my house, surrounded by Christmas gifts, material items. So easy to put


Home again. Christmas morning spent an hour packing the car. Picked up my Gran and headed to my parents. Gifts, food, and wine. Headed to brother-in-laws at 7.30pm. More drinks, food and gifts. Got to bed a 2.30am (earlier than expected). Woke on Boxing Day with same headache that had been threatening to develop all


Right, I'm signing off for a couple of days. I don't trust myself to post whilst full of turkey and copious amounts of alcohol. Thankfully my parents house, where we are staying for a few nights, is broadband enabled so I MAY post between now and when we get home on Tuesday, don't hold your


Let me set the scene (ohh and if you've not glanced over my recent post, 4x4, then go there first). I was walking home last night, having completed the last last-minute shopping, it was cold and raining. I was cold and wet. I got to a busy road and stopped to wait for a gap

Merry Christmas

...or Seasons Greetings or Bah Humbug! Whilst I'm not going anywhere, I realise that a lot of people will be sans interwebnet access over the coming days so, to one and all, have a good time and remember a reindeer isn't for life, it's for Christmas!


Gordon's brain is slightly overloaded at present, it asks that you please excuse the following. I'm shifting through some outstanding work issues, trying to collate a short document for myself so I don't forget to do anything when I come back in January, I'm trying to remember the name of something that I still need


Did I miss something? Is there a reason that there are only two people in the office, including myself? I came in early as I need to leave early to get that last present for Louise, but even by 8.30 am there are usually at least three or four people in the office. Did I


FINALLY. Many many MANY thanks to Adrian and Jann for their sage advice and time. I tried Jann's advice first - as it was the simplest, namely adding <br style="clear: both;" /> right before the closing DIV tag. Whaddya know, it worked straight away. I'm not sure which I'm more relieved about, the fact it


Further to this post (two self links in one day, tut tut), I received this via email:"Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs and the universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the universe is winning." - Rich CookHow true.


Can anyone spot what is wrong with this snippet of CSS? Works fine in IE but not in Firefox - argh!! The background image (maincolumn.gif) won't repeat vertical down the column in Firefox yet it works fine in IE. .rigid-demo { margin: 0 auto; text-align: left; width: 790px; background: url(../images/maincolumn.gif) repeat-y; } P.S. This is


To mark the occasion of this post breaking the previous "most received" comments record, I invite you all to offer your opinions. Add your comments there. It's all about environmental impact of cars over the individual's right to choose what they want to drive. IS there a middle ground?


So I've upgraded to WordPress 1.2.2. Pretty smooth. I bet you never even noticed. Right? Anyway, part of my redesign thoughts include making better use of some of the WordPress features. I'm still not overly bothered about using their comment feature, especially as HaloScan will be getting some new features in the New Year. However