And now, the end is near

2004. Not a bad year, not a great year, but probably better than average.

2005 is creeping over the horizon (depending where you are reading this it may already be 2005) and I’m already looking forward. What will the coming year hold for us? What do I resolve to do this year?

Well I don’t do resolutions, never really seen the point. Sure I could resolve to lose some weight, spend more time with friends, less time on the computer, read a book a week and so on and so forth, but I won’t. I always have dreams and aspirations they don’t just appear on Hogmanay so I never really bother with the whole resolutions thing, life’s just too short to wish it away.

If anything this time of year brings on a certain melancholia, and I have to fight to not look back at the mistakes of last year, I guess that sums me up. Despite all the wonderful times we enjoyed last year, and there were many, it’ll be the low points that I remember. Maybe I should resolve to have a more positive outlook?

Anyway, enough of that. The Sky+ people are here!

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