Birthday Ride

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I got a new bike (before my birthday but I’m saying that it was my present to me…) and this was the first proper spin on it. Lovely!

Happily Mediocre

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It’s World Mental Health Day, which falls at the end of a rather crap week for me, but which weirdly has re-enforced some of things I’ve developed throughout the last few months, and reminded me why I did them in the first place. What are you good at? What have you learned and practiced? I…

Lockdown purchases

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I think, on the whole, I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my minimal principles (replace or improve!) through lockdown with only one or two impulse buys amongst the variety of things I’ve bought, and only one item I regret although that’s more about the company than said purchase. I’ve bought somethings that are definitely…


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You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.


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The ever evolving state of Gordon McLean and how he’s finally found his identity.

What’s Next?

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The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. The day of my parents 50th Anniversary – 30th of July – was when Dad fell ill and was taken to hospital with stomach pains. I visited him, the sole visitor that was allowed due to COVID restrictions, on the Friday, he was taken into the ICU…

Saying goodbye to Dad

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It was my Dad’s funeral this afternoon. It was a short service at a local crematorium, with only 18 attendees allowed, all of us sitting in socially distanced seats with our masks on. Surreal. That aside it was, as my Uncle Nigel said, a dignified service. The Rev Ian Miller led the way, and I…

The wilfully inconsiderate

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I can’t recall where I saw it, or heard it. It might have been on the radio, it might have been on Twitter, or it might have been a line an article I read somewhere. Annoyingly I can’t recall the exact phrasing but given I can’t even find it to quote it I don’t think…

Finding the fun

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It helps that we live part way down a hill, so the minute I get on my bike I can pump the pedals a few times and head down it to get that instant burst of speed and feel the wind in my ha.. well, you get the picture. It had been a week or…

Happily Happy

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It was a fairly standard evening. We’d had our dinner and were watching a little TV together, it’s part of our routine to unwind and destress from our working days, we chat over dinner and then spend a few quiet moments sitting together, distracting ourselves with (currently) episodes of Modern Family. As soon as she…


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Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to be more mindful and considerate of where I spend my time. As such I’m not on Facebook all that much, I find Twitter holds less and less appeal, and only Instagram remains as my main ‘idle scrolling’ habit these days. I guess it’s easy to fathom…

The Recap: June 2020

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Stasis, is that the right word? It feels like the last few weeks have slipped by largely unnoticed. Watching Black Lives Matter news, reading and learning what I can, the start of the end of lockdown, the return of sports and more, it’s all been a bit of a blur. That said, it does feel…

What’s next?

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Work is busy, which is good. I invested in a stand/sit desk and spend most of my day standing which, oddly, seems to keep me focused and productive. Outside of Work I have a few other things going on AKA “small w work”; I’m finishing a rebuild of a large website which should go live…

Black Lives Matter

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It’s overwhelming It’s overwhelming because I’m white It’s overwhelming watching all these images all the brutality and hatred watching a man kneel on another mans neck until he dies he can’t breathe It’s overwhelming because I haven’t experienced it first hand It’s overwhelming because there are so many other forms of hatred to fight but…

21 years

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On the 2nd of June, 1999, I wrote about Sunglasses. Once I’d written it I opened an HTML page template I had created by hand, pasted the text in, formatted it using the few HTML tags I had available, updated all the site links to include the new post (I had a sidebar back then…