Life without news

After school the rush to get home was palpable, mostly for those blissful moments from 4.30 to 6pm when the TV was mine and mine alone. All those childhood programmes I consumed and which still hold a special place in my pop culture heart; Battle of the Planets, Dungeons & Dragons (did those kids ever

Drafting a new normal

I keep sitting down to write and before I know it the moment has passed, my attention has slipped elsewhere. Somewhere, between the act of deciding to write about something and the physical machinations that are required to start that process, I lose complete track of what I was going to say, the thoughts flitter

The Recap: April 2020

And just like that April is done. How strange to have spent a month with every day following a similar pattern. It's not been bad, it's not been good, it's been odd. We are lucky to have each other, lucky to have the dogs to keep us entertained and give us a focus, and lucky

The Other Side

I have a long rambling post drafted that I can’t seem to finish, mostly because it’s long and rambling and has no real focus, very much a stream of consciousness style waffling which, rightly, hasn’t been shared with the world. That post is mostly me trying to capture my thoughts as we enter week whatever


Rumour has it that, a few years back, a young man was brutally killed and a few days later came back to life. There's something about a big rock being rolled about too, hence why all over the country people are over-spending and over-indulging in chocolate eggs. Ohh and there is a magical bunny but


I've tried many times to build a routine, and it's usually been about improving my health. You know the type of thing, the grand plans to become a 'morning person' and rise at 6am to go to the gym before work. Part of my aims for this year had me pondering such things and I

The Recap: March 2020

Safe to say that March will be memorable for one thing and one thing only. Coronavirus and lockdown. It's meant adjusting routines, and whilst I'm working the hours are dropping. We remain in good spirits though and if nothing else it's given me time to crack on with some other things, including a revisit of

Chocolate Raisins

I'm guessing it all started with Sun-Maid Raisins. If you are of a certain age (shut up at the back!) they were a staple part of your packed lunch, sitting right next to the tuna paste sandwich and, if you were really lucky, a carton of Ribena. Ahh yes that little red cardboard box that

The new normal

My alarm goes off at 7:30am. I get up and have breakfast. At 8:00am I log in to my work laptop, check any tasks/calls for the coming day. I take a break every 50 minutes to stand and stretch. I write in my journal during a break. At midday I stop for lunch. After that

Mac Apps

Like many I'm working from home, and whilst I have a worked supplied laptop (a Windows system, ugh), I also have a MacBook with a separate monitor which is more comfortable for me to use. An install of Office means I can do some of my work here on this lovely operating system. Yet, like

The Recap: February 2020

I think I will remember February for mostly being wet and windy. Was there a time when there wasn't a new storm landing on our shores to decimate a weekend? Elsewhere, Sasha has recovered well from her operation and is now happily ensconced back on the sofa (or on my lap) where she should be,


This post is written in response to a prompt from Genre Scribes: Friday Fiction Writing Challenge #35 — Bronze. We all laughed as we watched the episode of a long forgotten television show. It seemed like such a silly notion, to everyone else at least, that someone would colour themselves that way. But not to