I need an excuse for why we can’t put the Christmas tree up today.

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bookmark_borderHazy Shade of Morning

Various snippets from the pub(s) last night, which one isn’t true:

“Why do people blog?”
“I’m serious, it’s a lesbian beauty contest”
“What do you think I’d get for a £10.” – “Probably a slap…”
“Man! they fucked this place up” – “Yeah, and the smell of vomit isn’t helping”
“Ohh the one that comes in the poofy glass”
“No thanks, I’ll just have a lemonade”

And then home to knickers, dildos, and whips everywhere…

No not really everywhere.

Just in the bedroom…

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I’ll close out the week with a wonderfully written piece that will bring a lump to your throat and leave you feeling all loved up (unless of course you’ve had that emotion surgically removed, hey you are talking to a guy that gets tear-eyed watching Lassie…)

londonmark: Y is for You.

Have a good weekend everyone (and if enough of you visit I might even break the 3000 mark for this month!!)

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bookmark_borderHello Google

I’ve been thrown out of my own home tonight. Usurped by a group of woman paying homage to the all powerful creator of “The Rabbit®”. Yes, Louise is hosting an Ann Summers party tonight. A room full of women, a table full of nibbles (low fat of course) and cupboard full of booze, not to mention the skimpy underwear, vibrators, bondage kits, and other ‘novelty’ items (penis shaped candles and the like).

What really annoys me (because unsurprisingly I’m not bothered about being ‘forced’ out to the pub) is the general attitude you get when you mention “Ann Summers”. Instantly, responsible adults either blush, humm and haww then change the subject, or go the other way and nudge-nudge,. wink-wink… what’s she buying for you then?

I mean we all have sex (or would like to) yes? It’s like eating, sleeping, pissing, we all do it, we just don’t talk about it because it’s.. *snicker* n a u g h t y. Good grief, when is this country going to grow up?