No plans for 2019

Reading time: 2 mins I’m not a fan of New Year resolutions. I’m more of a mind to do things as and when I want to do them, knowing that if I try and force a new habit, or a change to my life, based on an arbitrary date it’s more than likely to fail. This is based on […]

Dance your cares away

Reading time: 3 mins I’m not always in the mood for dancing (sorry Nolan Sisters) but when I am, I do enjoy throwing some shapes, even if they are slightly awkward and inflexible looking ones. The rush of endorphins when a favourite song comes on and you lose yourself to the beats and rhythms never fails to make me […]

Christmas is coming

Reading time: 2 mins It’s December! For many people, including me, that means Christmas is approaching and with it comes the annual cramming of the calendar with nights out and events, the eating and drinking of all the things, and the subsequent hibernating because, frankly, I think I’ll need a couple of quieter days. I don’t have that many […]

Life is too short

Reading time: 2 mins I need to stop making excuses. Life is too short. I need to stop over-thinking things. Life passes too quickly. A recent and very sudden death has plunged my life into contrast. The sister of my ex-wife passed away unexpectedly, she was 49. She was a loving, fun, smart woman. She brought up four kids […]

Man Up

Reading time: 5 mins #InternationalMensDay has been the rightful target of ridicule. A firmly established, if wobbling, patriarchy makes the notion of a day specifically for men an utter irrelevance. Isn’t every day is International Mens Day? But whilst Yes, All Men is the cry, some people have taken this hashtag to point out that the very idea of […]

Buying better

Reading time: 6 mins As those of you who have met me in ACTUAL REAL LIFE (cos hey, us Bloggers also exist in the real world) can no doubt attest, I am not the most fashion conscious person. I’m aware of high street trends but my exposure to that is largely what I see out and about, I don’t […]