bookmark_borderShopping Hell

I can commiserate fully with this, and I can ever offer a potential (limited) solution.

Shop at a 24-hour store.

My local Asda is open 24hrs, and there is no greater pleasure than meandering round at 1 a.m., stopping randomly, at times for no other reason than you can. Admittedly you do have to negotiate round the shelf stacking staff and some stray cardboard boxes, but that just makes it seem kinda edgy and deviant, like you are sneaking round the shop illicitly.

Or maybe I need to get out more.

Aside: How many other people grew up wanting to play Tig in a closed supermarket?


Friday night.

A work colleague’s 40th, several beers (and the creation of the Crushinator) then onto a house warming party. Home by 2:30 a.m. Hungover already covered, thanks for the cures guys!

Saturday night.

Dinner at brother-in-laws (a superb home cooked Indian meal), several bottles of red wine, back to in-laws house, where we were staying, at 4:45 a.m.


As covered, Dad’s birthday. Home again by 8 p.m. to restore the house to order in time for today.

This morning.

Mild shakes, completely shattered. Stayed up until midnight watching Abyss Live. As Nick says: If there’s one thing the BBC is pretty damn good at, it’s popular science.”

bookmark_borderHorrible experience

My thoughts are with Tom after his flat was burgled.

He speaks of that moment when you awake in the middle of the night, gripped by momentary paranoia, before realising that it was nothing. Unfortunately for Tom it was a guy stealing his DVD player, X-box and a treasured camera (a present from his friends).

As with most tales of burglary that I’ve heard, it is always the loss of a physical object that evokes fond memories that hurts the most.

bookmark_borderThat reminds me

Must dig out the spandex wrestling outfit, maybe it’s time for a comeback.

Or maybe not.

[This post will not make sense unless you were one of the 4 people involved in the conversation in the October Cafe in Princes Square, Glasgow, at around 6:30pm on Friday evening. Suffice to say I AM THE CRUSHINATOR!]

P.S. I’m taking bets that a certain lady will add a rude comment about this, she’d better not let me down!