6Music app

Reading time: < 1 min Well not really, more a quick hack. Working at home Iโ€™ve been enjoying listening to the radio. For a while it was BBC Radio 2 – the joys of Popmaster far too often interrupted by meetings! – but Iโ€™m back to 6Music which always feels like โ€˜myโ€™ radio station. I have a work laptop that […]

Sad comforts

Reading time: 2 mins I’ve always admired poets, admired with envy as I gaze upon their words, the way they flow, the imagery they conjure, the emotions captured and delivered with subtle grace and ingenuity. Hell even just getting a few paragraphs that follow some form of cadence is a miracle to me. Oh yes, I’ve tried my hand […]

Anti-career advice

Reading time: 9 mins A few years ago I moved from permanent salaried jobs to contracting. Ostensibly it was a shot in the dark as I needed a job, any job, at the time, and I thought why not?! It was (and still is) a means to an end. Like you I have bills to pay and so, having […]

Did a cycle

Reading time: < 1 min Starting to get my exercise mojo back after a couple of months fighting an injury and a wee chest infection; the change in the weather helps too!

22 years old

Reading time: < 1 min This blog is. That’s quite a long time. Even though posting is more sporadic than ever, it’s still going. Bonkers. Happy Birthday little blog. That is all.

Things I read

Reading time: 2 mins Tennis TV /// A quiet revolution: the movement to preserve lockdownโ€™s hush /// Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities /// Reiki Canโ€™t Possibly Work. So Why Does It? /// The Hot-Person Vaccine /// Another brain-frying optical illusion: What color are these spheres? /// The Dark Side of the […]