bookmark_borderHappy Birthday

Speaking of Zeldman, Happy Birthday to Jeffery Zeldman presents…

Eight years online and not a day older (OK, not really…).

It doesn’t seem like anytime at all since I was elated at being ‘hat-tipped’ by him, but it turns out it was actually some 16 months ago. Wow, doesn’t time fly when you are having fun.
Today’s momentous occasion (hey I’ve been reading his site for a about 6 years now) made me wonder when I ‘discovered’ the Internet. Thankfully there are people with a good deal more foresight than me, and thanks to those nice people at the WayBack Machine, I can now offer up the following website, my first ever for my first ever company: Crossaig circa November 1st 1996.

bookmark_borderA walk in Central London

Public Lettering (via Prolific, via Zeldman) Fascinating and involving.

Reminds me of some advice my father gave me about my home city of Glasgow. “Look up.” Typically in cities these days, most of the older buildings have been shelled out and converted to shops. Their lower floors vandalised and replaced with large, featureless pieces of glass. Most of them still feature the original architecture and features in the upper floors and roofs, we just don’t notice it. It’s amazing to think that there are more things you don’t notice, than those you do.

I should point out that there are some places in Glasgow that have managed to blend into the city, Princes Square, the new Buchanan Galleries, and the Concert Hall, to name a few, all now ‘work’ as part of the city.

bookmark_borderFree Book

OK I’ve only skimmed a few pages of this, but it looks good so far.

What is it? “A few months ago a group of writers with Web sites decided to get together and make a book. The idea was for each writer to compose a story on the theme ‘How-to,’ to result in a bound volume titled ‘Manual.'”

So go ahead and Read the Fucking Manual – RTFM indeed.

To comment, or not to comment…
The majority of the sites I visit have a comment facility of some sort, and I’ve been toying with adding one myself for sometime now. The one thing that keeps stopping is maintenance.

Battleground God
Answer 17 questions about your religious beliefs (this is aimed a those of christian denomination): “Our battleground is that of rational consistency.”
Play Battleground God or Check my results.


R.E.M. – The band, the legend are a lovely bunch of people, so lovely, in fact, they are making ten remixes of some recent songs available, to us, for free.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself!

bookmark_borderHump Day?

I think this falls in with what Michele was saying about your mind working in different ways (I’m not going to use the word porn on this website, I get far too many weird and wonderful search hits as it is..)

Anyway those nice people over at 0(zero)format have put together a little package to help you over the ‘hump’ of the week. The ‘hump’ being, of course, Wednesday.

OK I’ll plead guilty to not figuring out what ‘Hump Day’ was until about 10 minutes ago. Here was me thinking that, for some reason, all you Yanks were shagging (humping) on a Wednesday…

Hmm must look for a slang dictionary so I don’t look so stupid in the future.