You torrent?

It's fairly common for us-wot-use-computers to be considered experts at all things computery. However, this is often not the case are there are so many different areas of computeriness that being an expert in all of them is, invariably, impossible. For example, please do not EVER ask me about networking. Wi-Fi or otherwise. I can


I had a few hours to myself on Saturday afternoon as Louise had gone into Glasgow to meet up with her sister and cousins for a wee afternoon out. I took the opportunity to do some shopping and, after careful deliberation, decided to buy all four shirts that I had spotted. Decadence? Not really, they

Status: Away

Finally getting over my cold. Need to chillout this weekend. Not here. Scroll down for content including, what would you do with £50million? Do manufacturers change recipes to cater for continental tastebuds? why I like reading blogs. Normal service will resume sometime next week.


Popped into Waterstones at lunchtime in the vague hope of finding a decent book about Microsoft Word (2003). Nothing on the shelves worth bothering with so I left. Somehow, when I arrived back at work, I was carrying a bag containing 3 recently purchased books. Such is the power of the ubiquitous 3 for 2

50 million

£50million, that's a lot of money. Makes me wonder.... Would it spoil some vast eternal plan If I were a wealthy man? - Topol Personally I don't think the uppermost priority in my mind would be to build a house with "one long staircase just going up, and one even longer coming down, and one


Coffee at its best - Just opened, fresh this morning, the jar of Nescafé we brought back from Spain. Yes, that's right, we brought back a jar of instant coffee. Why? Because it tastes GREAT! It may be because it's not granules but powder, it may be because I don't normally drink Nescafé and ALL


A while back I mentioned that I'd been ask to give a presentation on "Blogging and Communities". Well I've finally finished writing the damned thing and wondered if anyone would be interested in giving me some feedback. Obviously I'll be talking over and through these slides, and I'm confident enough on the topic that I

Why I worry

Yesterday I was a tad worried about my post. Apparently I shouldn't have been, and that's all well and good but it does bring to mind a pet hate of mine. I don't think I have EVER posted something that was deliberately inflammatory or overly opinionated. Now that's mainly because it's just not in my

Why I like reading blogs

I mentioned this at the blogmeet at the weekend, early on, and thought I'd expand on my thoughts here. Whilst I can't remember how we got onto the topic and admittedly I might have leaped from something completely unrelated, I do recall mentioning that now and again I'm still taken aback when I read something


Another day, another blogmeet. After spending a couple of hours wandering around Edinburgh, I had the pleasure of meeting some old friends, and some new faces, in the Jolly Judge pub. Amongst a lot of laughing we discussed all sorts - politics, blogging (why?), stats, Edinburgh, and a lot more that I can't remember. It's

Status: Blogmeeting

I'm on the train, heading for Edinburgh and wondering if I should have charged the spare battery for my camera. Oh well, too late now. My ultimate destination will be the Jolly Judge pub, and I should be there from just before 2pm until... well... sometime much later. My last train back is at 9.20pm,


What a lovely start to the day. Stepped out of the station onto a pavement strewn with litter, foodstuffs, bottles, wrappers, newpapers all trampled and matted underfoot. Very much like the aftermath of a big concert which, as it happens, was apt because the rubbish had been generated by a large queue of people all

Charlie Connelly

I hear mention that Mr. Connelly has mentioned my site in his randomly regular email newsletter thingy doo-dah. If you've arrived here from that email, then clicking this link here will take you to my review of his book. Ohh and feel free to have a poke about the rest of the site, plenty of

One Blogger only

Yesterday, during my experiment with Odeo - experiment, mucking about on the 'net; potAYtoes, poTAHtoes - Richard asked "if you could only ask one... from anywhere in the world.. which blogger would you invite along to the blogmeet on Saturday?" My initial reaction was to look overseas, and at one of the better known bloggers.


Just for the sheer hell of it, ask me a question and I'll answer it in the comments. Or just say hi. Have fun. (I'm trying to figure out if I can 'share' the messages with you all, let me know if you can hear Clair's question here)