50 million

£50million, that’s a lot of money. Makes me wonder….

Would it spoil some vast eternal plan
If I were a wealthy man? – Topol

Personally I don’t think the uppermost priority in my mind would be to build a house with “one long staircase just going up, and one even longer coming down, and one more leading nowhere just for show” as, frankly, if I had a house built and the architect put in a staircase “just for show” I’d have him taken to the top of it and shoved off.

Since the introduction of the National Lottery a common pondering is “what would you do if you won?”. A more common pondering is “why do they STILL have those crappy game shows, can’t they just show the numbers during a break between programs?”, but I digress. I have to admit my first answer to the “you’ve won, now what” question is always:

“Turn up at the airport with my passport and take the first long-distance flight to somewhere exotic.”

This is mainly because I like the “devil may care” attitude it suggests, unlike my normal pragmatic approach to life, and also because I’m absolutely, unmoveably certain that I’d make much better decisions about how to spend my new found wealth if I was lying on a beach somewhere sipping Margaritas from the belly-button of a svelte yet buxom groupie (by which, obviously, I mean my darling wife… ).

Anyway, it’s nice to ponder such impossibilities, but as I don’t buy lottery tickets anymore and have never really thought of myself as the type to commit armed robbery as guess they will remain dreams.

Either way, it’s much nicer than contemplating a day of wrestling with Microsoft Word templates and staring out of the window at the dreich, dank day that is unfolding.

So, presuming there are no limits and you only have your own moral compass to guide you (god save us all) what would YOU do with £50million?

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