Which is more important to you – your body or your mind? If you had the choice, how which would you sacrifice? Would you sacrifice your imagination, intelligence, sense of logic for the ability to walk down the street, to run along a beach, to climb the highest peak and admire the view?

Bye bye Mind.
So you can walk, run, climb, swim, and more. You climb that mountain, and stand astride the top, and survey the world beneath you. You swim in the bluest oceans, diving to the coral reefs below to be with the exotic fishes, in the warm currents under the water. But what kind experience would it be if the mind was gone, no emotion to call on, no reference against which to measure the beauty of what you were seeing?

Bye bye Body.
Second scenario, your senses are alert, your vision keen, mind active, always working. Anwers leap out at you, solutions emerge effortlessly, a million and one questions fill your head. Yet your body refuses to obey you. You are thirsty, yet you can’t pick up the cup in front of you, the sun is shining, but you can’t walk in the fresh air. The mountain mocks you, looking down from the impenetrable height. The questions in your head remain trapped there, incommunicado.

Health is a blessing, taken too quickly for granted. With awareness and understanding, a muscle ache is welcomed, an ‘impossible’ puzzle a challenge to be enjoyed.

So why are we so intolerant of those who don’t share our blessings? Why do we look down, with scorn and pity, when it would take less time and effort to understand, and communicate.

A friend ends emails “With Blessings”. How often do we truly count them?

With Blessings – may your health be yours to control.