bookmark_borderLife is good

Life is Jack. That’s pretty much my update.

There is so much more to it than that of course, it’s a whirlwind ride of sleepless nights, smiles and giggles, nappy changing, pram walks, and those moments when he looks at me and my heart melts all over again.

It’s magical.

We are finding a balance though, Becca getting to the gym, Jack going swimming, and I’ve started nice long walks with him on my lunch hour. Needless to say watching Jack grow (fast and big!) is amazing, his motor skills are coming along, and at almost 5 months old he’s almost sitting up and is grabbing everything in sight to cram into his mouth.

It does mean time and energy for other things is taking a back seat for now, mostly this blog, but even that will come around.

Until then we’ve got a house move to organise. Fun timing eh!

bookmark_borderThings I read

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