Paying for Calm

Reading time: 6 mins On Tuesday evenings Becca goes out to work, so it’s just me and my boy from about 4:30pm through to his bedtime (anywhere between 8-8:30). So far, regardless of the rest of his day, we’ve managed to get him into a pretty good routine in the evenings; When Becca is working, then during all of […]

My Generation

Reading time: 3 mins I am 50 years old. Whatever that means. Scientifically, presuming you buy into the whole notion of how we measure (and if you don’t, ehโ€ฆ jog on ya weirdo!), that means I have been on this tiny little planet as it’s taken 50 revolutions around the sun and I’ve managed to stay alive. I don’t […]

How much is the app in the window?

Reading time: 6 mins I’m a sucker for a new app. Over on Threads recently there was a short spell of people sharing their home screens, and I reveled in it; I love seeing screenshots of peoples phones/computers to see what else is out there. Whilst I rarely intentionally seek out new apps these days – the apps I […]

Managing the News

Reading time: 2 mins One of the earliest pieces of advice I was given, in my first lecture at Glasgow Polytechnic (now Caledonian University), was to always read the newspaper. Didn’t matter what direction, read the Sports pages first if you want, but read it all, stay up to date, know what is going on in the world. I […]

Matthew Perry

Reading time: 3 mins Many years ago there was one of those early internet meme things doing the rounds. You picked three TV characters you thought best represented you, mine were; (If I’d put more thought into this, I’d swap out Gordon the Gopher for Lorelai Gilmore because ‘attitude and coffee’). It was, as ever with such things, a […]