Slow West vs DC

Reading time: 4 mins I watch a lot of movies, if I have a couple of hours free I’ll usually watch a movie than regular TV; although I’ll admit that Netflix has changed my habits there quite a bit, but then many of the shows that they are releasing – House of Cards, Daredevil, Jessica Jones – en masse […]

Weekend Reading

Reading time: 3 mins Love’s labour brings down hill Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife Mumtaz. The monument is now considered the world’s greatest monument of love. Dashrath Das’ monument of love may not be as beautiful, but in a way, it is more awe-inspiring than Shah Jahan’s feat. 7 Facts About Drugs and Addiction […]

I have a switch

Reading time: 2 mins The switch doesn’t make a sound. From on to off and back again. Proximity is all that’s needed to tumble the switch and I am who you see. Then when the world retreats again I switch back. It’s more noticeable, to me at least, when I’m tired. The music choices change, different tracks are skipped. […]

Weekend Reading

Reading time: 2 mins My Year in San Franciscoโ€™s $2 Million Secret Society Startup I blinked. I didnโ€™t know Justin very well. I did know that he was a very affable bearded man, and we both lived in the Bay Area. At the time, he ran a small creative agency, while I worked as a writer and digital media […]

Walking Home

Reading time: 5 mins The bell finally rings and as one we rise, chairs scrabble across worn tiles as the dull intonation from the teacher behind her desk – take your time and remember to do your homework – bounces and echoes round the room with no ear willing to catch it. We all want out. The first of […]

Weekend Reading

Reading time: 3 mins Reminder: you can get the Weekend Reading posts straight to your inbox by subscribing over there –>> The rise of American authoritarianism The American media, over the past year, has been trying to work out something of a mystery: Why is the Republican electorate supporting a far-right, orange-toned populist with no real political experience, who […]