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I need a Spark

Last year I got myself a bit healthier, shed some pounds, dropped a waist size, was able to walk up stairs without puffing for breath. There are many ways to choose to measure your 'health'. For me, it's about my appearance, this beer belly must go!! Last July I wrote about the various ways I


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Bad Motorist

You couldn't make it up. One day after berating a bad cyclist, I have the perfect example of how to be a bad motorist. Part of my commute crosses a small, narrow, humpback bridge. It's an old bridge, with high solid stone walls. Visibility is nil from either side. Obviously this is the perfect place

Bad Cyclist

I was driving to work this morning and witnessed a minor incident that irked me. As I approached a pedestrian crossing the lights were changing back to green and by the time the car in front got to them, they had been green for a couple of seconds. That didn't stop a cyclist, cycling on


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This seems to be the number that is driving a lot of my thoughts at the moment. 100. Kilograms to be precise. I've been a little bit lighter (and a lot heavier in the past) but for the past few months I've maintained my weight around the 100kg mark. This needs to change, more exercise,