bookmark_borderI need a Spark

Last year I got myself a bit healthier, shed some pounds, dropped a waist size, was able to walk up stairs without puffing for breath. There are many ways to choose to measure your ‘health’. For me, it’s about my appearance, this beer belly must go!!

Last July I wrote about the various ways I was try to ‘game’ myself, a mixture of gadgets and apps that I was using to gather data to give myself a view on progress.

Flipside is that if progress, let’s say, reverses, well the numbers and data start to re-enforce various unhealthy thoughts.

With my change in role, I’ve got less energy after work as my ‘after work’ is frequently around 7-8pm. As my usual time to get into the office is 8am then, yeah, I’m pretty bushed of an evening.

Chatting to Kirsty about this and it become obvious, in that way that things usually do when you talk to someone who knows you, that what I needed was to change my routine. Instead of looking to exercise in the evening, why not get up and exercise in the morning!

I am not a morning person.

Which is, of course, total BS. Several years ago I was dragging myself to the 6am train to be in the gym for 6.30!

So I’ve been looking around for something I could do everyday, nothing too major as I’m still getting my fitness back, but something with an all round benefit. I can then mix it up on the exercise bike, some weights, games of basketball and 5-a-side, and some walking. And no, not been out on the bike this year yet, it’s too damn cold (I know, shut up!).

I’ve been starting to log my weight, waist measurement and tracking my activities again. Fitbit is with me everyday and I’ve started using Fitocracy for logging exercise. Mostly because it’s fun and I’m hoping it’ll drag me in more than it has, but I need a way to properly game myself.

Enter Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes, THAT Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has joined up with Fitocracy and set a challenge, based around a simple set of exercises that I can do every morning. He’s calling it the Spark.

I think it’s a great idea, particularly his calling out to others. One of the reasons I dislike the gym is (and this is born from my own view of self) the comparisons I end up making, me against others.

So, starting April 1st (no I’m not joking) I’ll be taking part. Wish me luck!!

bookmark_borderiTunes / Airplay issues – FIXED

“It just works”, they said.

“Except when it doesn’t” they didn’t say.

What follows is a bit of a rambling post about random playback issues I’ve experienced when using iTunes to stream music to an Airplay. Simply put, for no reason I can fathom, iTunes playback across Airplay will stop. The track is still playing in iTunes but there is no sound passed to Airplay. Searching for this issue has helped me narrow it down to the problem being iTunes, beyond that I’m stuck.

Read on for some lessons learned…

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