Happy NOT doing

Bit of a manic weekend that, although it is nicely aided by the fact that, as we are owned by a French company, we get the English bank holidays, I have today off. As always I had a few vague notions of things I wanted to get done today. Nothing major, a bit of a

When not to laugh

You know those things you already know, that you don't really need a lesson about? Yeah, those things. The things life sometimes likes to throw at you, like that annoying teacher who would randomly ask you a question just to make sure you've been awake for the past hour. That. Hmmm I should maybe be

About blogging

If you were attending a conference, and specifically attending one of the sessions that was going to be covering "blogging", what questions would you want answered? No, I'm not being completely lazy, I already have a good outline of what I want to cover (why, what and how) but it's always good to get some

What is the word?

There is a word for everything, and if there isn't then the English language is quite happy to go and steal one from somewhere else (hello, schadenfreude). So maybe someone can tell me what the word if for when, all of a sudden, everything seems to happen at once, like all the strands of your

Coming Soon

A few months ago I was asked to speak at a conference in Nottingham. A few months ago I bought tickets for a couple of gigs, one in Manchester (Elbow), one in Glasgow (Massive Attack). I didn't really think about these things much until this week when I realised they were all coming up in

Funny's Cousin*

I am hilarious. I frequently crack myself up, and the bemused looks of co-workers and general passers-by only add to the hilarity. My humour is largely sarcasm based, with a tag of "friendly banter" and I can be fairly merciless when it comes to teasing people but hey, it's all (hilarious) good fun, right? A

One Minute

My current role is changing a bit, with some additional responsibilities being added, specifically around line management. As such, I've been reading The One Minute Manager and have to admit it's given me a lot to think about. The basic principles are to instill any team members or staff with a simple structure in which

How to write an instruction manual

BBC Radio 4 are broadcasting a 30 minute show on this topic. Engineer Mark Miodownik presents an instruction manual on how to write an instruction manual, exploring the history and the future of product guides and how they chart our changing relationship with technology. He looks at how product guides have changed over the centuries,

One & Other

I know what I like. It's a phrase I use quite often when discussing art, mainly because it's not an area I'm all that familiar with having never really studied it other than the odd wander round a gallery or two. I'm quite open to most forms of art, and I'll happily wander round an

On getting older

I am middle aged. I am in the middle of my life, the young foolish years are behind me, the more sensible, thoughtful years, lie before me. Or so says convention but, you know what, I can't say things like convention have ever bothered me all that much. Don't get me wrong, I am very

Weekend Mantra

I must not waste the weekend. I must not waste the weekend. I must not waste the weekend. The reason I'm repeating this is because, from Saturday afternoon until late Sunday evening I have the place to myself. And the footie season is starting. And I have a list of things that need done around

That sudden tightness

Driving home tonight along the A82, I'm doing 58mph in a 50mph zone. As I approach a corner a motorbike zips by me. I round the corner and just as I pass the exit ramp from the local quarry, I spot a blue light. Shit. I immediately take my foot off the accelerator but don't

Paper based

I am a paper junkie. I'm a whore for a nice caliper of paper, not too thick as to be card, not too thin as to be unsubstantial. I love the feel of paper, the rustle and rigidity that give way with a subtle movement. I love the sound of ink being laid down, the

Waiting Alone

I'm sitting in the waiting area. I'm alone until an elderly lady shuffles in. I watch as she struggles to walk the few paces to the counter, I listen as she is asked to wait and watch the pained expression on her face as she gingerly steps towards the nearest chair. She turns and sits,

I be done thunking

I'm not a big thinker. I'm a big planner and ponderer but largely, when it comes to thinking, I tend to avoid it at all costs. As such, a lot of my decisions can seem quite rash to some people. I've certainly not spent much time pondering things like the purchasing of houses or cars,