What is the word?

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There is a word for everything, and if there isn’t then the English language is quite happy to go and steal one from somewhere else (hello, schadenfreude).

So maybe someone can tell me what the word if for when, all of a sudden, everything seems to happen at once, like all the strands of your life conspire to make the coming weeks frantic.

It’s not coincidence as these things don’t necessarily occupy the same space and time, and they aren’t accidental they are all planned, but they do seem to fall into one block of time.

September will be a busy one and before it has even started it is showing no sign of slowing down.

So, all you smartypants out there, what IS the word for when this happens?

10 Replies to “What is the word?”

  1. Well in the US Forces, it’s known as a ClusterFuck

    But I usually use “Synchronicity” to describe it.

    Although Clusterfuck works nicely, admittedly.

  2. ClusterFuck is ideal and I shall adopt it immediately. Because it happens to me too and, I’m sure, to most of us. A friend used to say condescendingly to my mother “you really should organise your time better” – but things do all crop up at the same time. In September, it’s because a lot is held in abeyance over August, reasonably, as so many people are on holiday, so things have to restart. Likewise, in June/July, things have to be wrapped up before the summer hols. Then there’s the pre- and post- *late December* flurries, the pre-end-of-financial-year one. Etcetera.

  3. Well I guess having a wife leave me and having two kids to look after and not seeing it happen, I have a word for it.

    ‘Intense’, but also ‘Clusterfuck’

    Mind you it focuses the mind and changes direction as well, too much to put here….

    I should start a blog…

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