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I am hilarious. I frequently crack myself up, and the bemused looks of co-workers and general passers-by only add to the hilarity.

My humour is largely sarcasm based, with a tag of “friendly banter” and I can be fairly merciless when it comes to teasing people but hey, it’s all (hilarious) good fun, right?

A small example from this evening may help you better understand the depths of my witty reparte; my sister, upon arriving home during a complete downpour, remarked that her legs were wet. To which my instant, and hilariously witty, retort was to imply that she needed to improve her bladder control! HA haaaa!!

Maybe you had to be there. I thought it was very funny.

Mind you, no-one else laughed….

That said, I did manage to illicit a piece of pure comedy genius this evening, all thanks to a man in a fancy dress costume and an inanimate set of sprinting hurdles. If you were watching the BBC coverage of the World Athletics Championship this evening you may have caught this but, unfortunately for you, you weren’t in the presence of my comedic genius.

Let me set the scene.

Melaine Walker had just won the gold medal in the 400m hurdles and the mascot helped her celebrate, offering her a piggyback for her lap of honour. This, in itself is a little funny, but not as hilarious as what happened. As she mounted him (oooer!! see, I can do smutty humour too) and they set off I quipped, blimey, he’s lucky if he can see where he is going!! Ohh, the hilarity that ensued when seconds later he ran into a pile of hurdles.

Maybe you had to be there.

Oh wait, you can be! Sort of…

OK, this won’t be perfect as I very much doubt you’ll nail the sardonic delivery nor be able to provide an accurate replica of my nasal whin dulcet tones but feel free to give it a shot.

Watch this video and around the 17-18 second mark just say the words, with the hint of a smile as you begin to imagine the worst, “Hey, he’s lucky if he can see where he’s going!”

See! Comic genius in action!

TOLD you I was hilarious…

* Yes, I know it should be “Funny’s Cousin”. The font replacement thing on the blog that isn’t displaying the apostrophe, alright? Can’t be bothered thinking up a new post title. RSS feed readers, you can ignore this.

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