Learning from others

Whilst compiling my column for the ISTC newsletter this month (I offer a round up of the 'best' blog posts from the past month, hugely subjective I know) I was worried I'd skewed the resulting list of blog posts somewhat. You see the team I'm part of are about to embark on a couple of

This Friday, for one night only

As I previously mentioned, I'll be in London at the end of the week and, specifically, on Friday night I'll be in the Ship & Shovell from around 6pm (probably earlier, I'm always early). Several other people will turn up, some you may know online, some you may have met before, some you may have

Photo 101

I've packed in my photography course, largely because the 'lecturer' was about as far from a natural teacher as I could imagine and, whilst it's interesting seeing someone talk about the photos they took, I couldn't face sitting there for 3 hours a night, 10 weeks in a row, hearing story, after story, after story.

ISTC West of Scotland meeting

The next ISTC technical communicators' meeting in Glasgow will take place on Monday 21st February 2011, from 7.30 pm onwards. Come along to talk about latest news and trends in communication, or just to meet other communication professionals. The event is free and open to anyone interested in technical communication, such as technical authors, information

On not writing

Typically, when I've a lot going on I'll try and find some time to write things down. I find it hugely effective at understanding what I'm thinking, what emotions I'm going through and what I need to do next. With everything that has happened to my Mum these past few weeks, I've been slowly jotting

London Calling!

Right then you lot, let's get this sorted out. I will be in yonder London Town for a couple of days at the end of the month so this is your chance to meet a world renowned blogger, ply him with booze and hope that you can understand his Scottish brogue. Alternatively, it might just

Getting on track

Friday night, a delicious dinner at Stravaigin then on to drinks until the wee small hours. Saturday a leisurely, lazy lie-in then it was off to Custom Inc to get booked in for some ink (roll on 8th March), and a trawl round DFS for a new sofa (delivered in 11 weeks, yes, cheap and

Technology vs Emotion

Random thought: Has the rise of (talk of) emotional content (affective assistance) been driven by the concentration, over the last few years, on technological solutions? Single sourcing, XML, DITA, DocBook, and all the rest have (rightly) taken our profession forward, so I guess it's natural that the general trends, as well as refocussing on the