Say Thank You

Reading time: 3 mins As some of you will now be aware, I am no longer writing my monthly Blog News column for the ISTC newsletter, InfoPlus+. It actually started life here on this blog, every week (or so) I used to post a list of interesting posts and blogs and for a while there was an overlap but, […]

Information is not a commodity

Reading time: 3 mins The modern day technical writer, in fact I think we’ll go with technical communicator for this on, has a myriad of tools at their disposal. Be they authoring tools, publishing formats, or ways to collaborate, we are spoiled for choice. I can write content and make it available to the world in mere minutes if […]

Edinburgh Zoo

Reading time: < 1 min It was a crisp, fresh November day in Edinburgh. I surprised Kirsty with a trip to Edinburgh Zoo. Mostly to see the pandas who are, in real life, just as adorable and fluffy and cute and ohhmygodcanwetakeonehome as you’d imagine. Smaller than I thought though… Anyway. I took the camera and, despite the railings, fencing, […]

How to embed linked images in Microsoft Word

Reading time: < 1 min Have you ever shared a Word document with someone only to find the images it included didn’t get sent over? This is probably because the images you had were linked rather than embedded. You now have two options: ZIP the entire folder with the Word document and all the images (and hope that the links […]

Not lacking in passion

Reading time: 3 mins What are your passions? Life continues on an upward trajectory. I am a rocket! God, I’ve lost the point of this already? Why on earth do I bother? Ahhh that’s it! Passion! No, not the bodice-ripping type from a Jackie Collins novel (is that even right?), but the type that makes you get up in […]

Partridges and Pear trees

Reading time: 2 mins Here in the UK, there is no escaping the fact that Christmas is approaching. On TV the adverts have started, the store shelves are being stocked, and in the office talk is turning to who might make a fool of themselves at the Christmas party. It’s also about this time of year I start dropping […]