Posting from beach, toes being tickled by the cool waters of the med. In other words, weather's here, wish u were lovely! Adios.


Mega busy day.Doctors to ear syringed (wasn't too bad).Barbers to get hair cut (holiday romp, severe!).Clyde Valley with a friend to get her out of the house (poor soul isn't well).Various shops to get items from the 'list' sent by my father-in-law (tea-bags etc).Glasgow Green for 5-a-side (didn't injury myself either)And now I'm doing the

3 days and counting

We fly on Saturday morning at 7:30 pm. I get the feeling that the next couple of days may drag a little so I'm doing my best to fill my time (and the iPod still!). I'm looking forward to it but there are a few reasons that make me ever so slightly unsure about how

Note this

I'm a compulsive note taker, especially at work. However as I've never really found a system that 'works' for me I find myself swapping between various downloaded 'note' applications, using text files, using Outlook notes (never stick with them for very long), and this strange new 3D medium I've found called pen and paper (it's

Bush is evil

OK, so I'm hardly preaching to the masses but this little piece is horrifying, and from a cursory check it seems accurate as well.Listening to: Os Mutantes - Cantor De Mambo

Cheap CDs

Number of albums bought hits new high . However, from the same article: "High street competition and increased discounting meant that profits from the album sector of the recorded music industry - much the healthiest, with the virtual collapse of singles - were actually down over the year by 2%."So whilst we are buying more

The Big Easy returns

Speakeasy appears to be a blog again. This is good and bad news. Good in that it was one of the first blogs I really got into, bad in that the old style magazine format is gone.Either way, reading what Carey writes is ALWAYS good.Listening to: Radiohead - No Surprises

At last

Middle Lane Morons. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!!Why? Is there something wrong with the left-hand lane? I've heard a few excuses for this, but the usual seems to be a 'comfort zone' thing. The middle lane driver prefers driving there as there is plenty of room round them and they can overtook some cars without

Building music

There are several building works near our office, one of which I walk past everyday. There is a sign on the gate that says "17 days since the last reportable accident on this site". Which only serves to make me wonder what the definition of a 'reportable' accident is, a broken fingernail perhaps, or a


Today I will mainly (not) be talking about getting through a workday on 2.5 hours sleep. Also known as, surviving the day without killing some hapless sod.Listening to: The Polyphonic Spree - Middle Of The Day


More Friday silliness, or possibly a way to keep yourself busy until 5pm:Duct Tape Wall TapingsHmm now how do you explain it to the boss?Listening to: Athlete - Dungeness

Ohh dear

Just testing a little plugin for w.bloggar, found via bingobowden (he's back!)Listening to: Faze Action - Isis


Model plane sets record with 1,888-mile Atlantic flight (via Pat).Amazing stuff, even if it does make a mockery of my childhood efforts (2.4m before stalling, crashing to the ground and breaking a wing).