bookmark_borderRanty moan

Why is the weather so crap at the moment? It’s almost June and I was freezing standing at the station this morning.

Why are people complaining about Big Brother? Surely they are used to it by now? Shouldn’t they just be ignoring it?

Why do people make such a fuss about whether Scots are supporting England or not? And what’s with this “British Day” nonsense? Surely, and feel free to correct me on this, you only consider yourself British AFTER you’ve considered your ‘home nationality’. I’m a Scot first and foremost. Same with the English, Welsh, and Irish. No?

Of course the commentators love us to be British when it’s a Scots person winning something… ahhh yes, Liz McColgan, pride of Britain. Linford Christie, English lion. What?! This is said only somewhat in jest, one day I’d love to have the time to analyse this in detail to see whether my gut feel is correct or not, for the meantime I’m happy to proffer it forth for discussion/ridicule (it’s all about the comments people!).

Why is there such hype about the Da Vinci Code? Last night there were at least three different “exploring the…” shows on TV. Enough already. Bloody religious nutters the lot of them. Yes, I’m talking about you Catholic lot. Enough already. IT’S FICTION. IT’S NOT REAL.

Note to self: Must finish that post about how we are now reaping the uneducated seeds that we have sown (note the religious undertones of that sentence.. smart huh..).

AND… umm…

No. I think that’s me. Bit of a pathetic moan really.. must try harder!

What about you? What would you like to moan about? Go on, get it off yer chest.

bookmark_borderInto the groove

Louise is home and annoyingly tanned, but I can put up with that.

Her plane finally touched down in the wee small hours of this morning after a three hour delay and as it was a further hour or so before we got to sleep I decided to work at home today. Still, it’s good having her home, absence certainly has the rumoured effect on the heart.

She brought me back a nice big litre bottle of Southern Comfort, which cost her all of about £11, and should get me through the World Cup.. just..

And aside from that there’s not much else to say.

bookmark_borderThat World Cup question

Our First Minister caused a bit of a stooshy recently by stating that he wouldn’t be supporting England in the World Cup. But why should he? He’s not English after all..

As for me, well it’s a tricky one, that’s for sure. Ach, who am I kidding, it’s very straightforward. ‘Mon the Soca Warriors!!

Actually that’s not strictly true. In truth I wouldn’t mind England winning the World Cup but for the inexorable press coverage it’d get. I mean it was pretty bad after the rugby World Cup but if they won the footie version? Jesus, it’d be awful.

I was actually listening to a phone-on on the Radio about this during the week. And for most people the decision of whether or not to support England was an easy one to make. You either don’t support them as a matter of principle (and state your allegiance to whoever is playing them next), or you don’t mind them winning, and might support them in a few games.

Most people on the phone-in who said they’d be supporting England did admit that the downside would be the programmes, and articles and endless loops of speculation about whether this team was better than the ’66 winning team, if Gerrard IS the best midfielder in the world, and if Beckham should retire. Meh.

And that’s the thing. It’s not the supporting of England that’s the problem, it’s the constant stream of hyperbole that goes along with it.

Anyway. I’m off to buy a Brazil top, or maybe Argentina… France anyone??

bookmark_borderTowel Day

Yo sassy froods!

I’m betting most of you know where your towels are, right? I mean it IS Towel Day.

Of course, to those of you how haven’t read the book you will have no earthly (pun intended) idea what I’m wibbling on about. But then, isn’t that the point?

I’ve always viewed these kind of ‘cult-esque’ things with a bit of a wary eye. Mainly the ones I’m not part of, though, those ones are just weird and for losers. However, since being introduced to this book by a friend, many moons ago, it’s hung around in the “pop culture” area of my brain, and is dragged forth along with jaded Monty Python dialogues and 70s pop music references.

Ohh and, for the record, I’ve only ever seen The Life of Brian and a few snippets on these “Top 100 something something of something time” shows on Channel 4/5/42. Damn. See that, did it again!

But then, isn’t that the point of pop culture? It spreads by osmosis, and soon you begin to wonder… actually HAVE I seen every episode of Monty Python Presents? Did I watch Judy Finnegan’s blouse fall open that time at the Baftas, or have I just heard about and seen it so often that I THINK I have….

Pop culture is a weird fish, no doubt, but I do wonder how it will be perceived in a few hundred years time. After all, the pop culture of today is the philosophy of tomorrow.

Or not.

Where’s my towel gone?

And yes, you may require a babelfish to decipher this nonsense, but it’s late, I’m tired and even if I COULD count to 42 I would probably have forgotten the question by the time I remember why I was counting that high anyway.

(and I said it’d be quiet around here… pah!)

bookmark_borderTwo days off

Ahh the joys of a long weekend stretch before me as I’ve got Thursday and Friday off this week, and yes I booked them before Louise had decided to fly to Spain (which was a last minute thing, but not a thing.. ).

Not that I’ll have much free time. Out for dinner tonight with my family, a couple of “places” to visit tomorrow, and a website to craft which must must MUST be live by July 1st when the new Yellow Pages comes out.

If it stops raining I also need to get some Pathclear down (or something stronger preferably… bleach maybe?) to stop the sudden and spectacular growth of weeds across our monoblock. The main problem is that there used to be a large (30ft) tree in the middle of the monoblocked area, as it grew it pushed the blocks up allowing gaps to appear between them… and in those gaps weeds flourish. Cheap suggestions (we can’t afford to re-lay the area at the moment) are welcomed.

Ohh and I’ll need to hire a skip to get rid of the remnants of the past few nights worth of parties, not to mention hire a french polisher (ohh Yellow Pages again, spooky).

So, it may be a bit quiet here, but in a good way.