Bluish Silver

Today I will mostly be driving round in our new Honda Civic 2.2 TDi, in a lovely Bluish Silver. That is all. Well not ALL, but it's all you are getting for now, and probably for most of the weekend... photos may follow.

Gripes and Groans

I know a few of you use Movable Type. If so, how do you build a test system? For WordPress work I use XAMPP on my PC, it's an absolute doddle. There are Perl add-ons for XAMPP, and I found a guide to installing Movable Type in a XAMPP system but the buggering thing won't

April Nike+ Challenge

I was gonna wait a week before doing this figured it would be good to match it to the calendar month (doesn't make any real difference of course but.. what the hell). So, I've setup an "April Fools" Nike+ challenge. It's quite simple, most mileage wins. I average around 5-6km a run, 3 times a

Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep

OK. Despite the fact I bemoaned this very web service a few weeks back I have since signed up and sent... Actually, hold up a minute. You know, I have stood infront of a room full of strangers, the midst of a presentation on blogging, and said "I hate the word blogging". Blogging is an

Tick Tock

Well I guess I'd better come clean. The clocks changed on Sunday morning, and we lost an hour because "Spring forward, Fall back". This is despite the fact that we don't have "Fall", we have autumn and the usage of the phrase also ignores the fact that our American brethren changed their clocks a couple

Not simple, Civic

I KNEW this would happen, in fact I should've publically predicted it and made it look like I had this planned all along. Hey, wait a minute... you don't KNOW that I didn't have it planned. Shoot. Oh well... Yesterday I was prattling on about how I was increasingly favouring simple, functional things and slowly

Simple is as simple does

I'm going to start this with something controversial, I do hope the following statement doesn't shock you, so please take a moment to prepare yourself. OK? All set? Maybe a few deep breaths first. OK, here it is. My new PC is fast, shiny and does lots and lots and lots of things. Phew, that

Feeling bookish

My new job is taking a lot of my time, and as it's kick started my dormant professionalism, it's also sapping my book reading time as well. Coupled with that I do seem to be on a non-fiction bent of late, I'm part way through "Make it Stick" and have just ordered some books with


There was a fairly massive "UK blog event" last week, which culminated in the publishing of a book called Shaggy Blog Stories (you HAVE ordered your copy, haven't you?). It was a remarkable undertaking and everyone involved should be, and has been, rightly applauded. Plaudits well earned if you ask me. Of course, as with

Notes from a frazzled blogger

Alec Salmond, for it was the self-same leader of the SNP who was visiting our offices yesterday, is a man of varying sizes. I know this to be true because whilst I feel he looks taller and thinner in the flesh than he appears on-screen (the place where politicians live), a colleague thought he looked

Edinburgh Blogmeet

OK people, let's meet! The first blogmeet of the year will be in Edinburgh, on the 19th May, and the venue will be confirmed closer to the date. I think the Jolly Judge may be getting a little small for our needs, but of course that depends largely on how many people turn up. As


Busy busy busy, so I'll "borrow" this from a recent ISTC newsletter. The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its yearly neologism contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternate meanings for common words. Coffee (n.), the person upon whom one coughs. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.


Friday night. Comic Relief. Laughing at the Prime Minister, not laughing at Gervais, bed at 10pm. Saturday. Rugby. Apologies to Ireland (but they did beat Pakistan at cricket). Bed by 10pm. Sunday. Mother's Day. Made Mum cry (in a good way). Visited Gran. Bed by 10pm. Today. Can finally breath through nose. Just.

This, that, the other

I'm still hunting for a solution to my miniblog woes. Miniposts2 plugin doesn't work, and I really don't want to/shouldn't HAVE to hack at PHP code. It can't be THAT frigging hard, can it? I'm holding out for an update to Miniposts2 in the hope some of the bugs are solved as it's my best

Shaggy Blog Stories

Don't just sit there, GO BUY IT (it's fer charideee, mate..). Press Release follows Bloggers publish book for Comic Relief. 100 bloggers have published a book to raise funds of the BBC's Comic Relief appeal on Friday 16th March. 'Shaggy Blog Stories' features hilarious contributions from Richard Herring of 'Fist of Fun' fame, BBC 6Music