Erk, I'm at odds with some recent readings in the papers. Before I start let me say that I fully support the NSPCC FULL STOP campaign. Child abuse of ANY form is evil and, personally, I think the people who perpetrate it should be subjected to the same emotional and physical abuse they dole out

The Monarchy

With the Queen's Golden Jubilee imminent, the press has been focusing on all things royal. As usual this includes discussions and commentary about the role the monarchy play as part of British society. One particular piece on this morning's BBC Breakfast News suggested that the only thing that needs to change is moving the monarchy


The joy of mobile phones. They have single handedly added a new line to conversations. When you are talking on the phone to someone, it is now feasible for them to say to you "Hang on, my phone is ringing".


Life Cycle of a Weblog and I couldn't agree more, can you imagine someone reading anything like that.... πŸ˜‰


This site is mine. I write what I like. I answer only to myself. OK, which of the above statements are true? Well you'd think all of them, wouldn't you. At the very least the first two. Surely? When I started this site, it was merely a placeholder for my thoughts and rambles. The bulk

Cold Turkey

Busy week ahead, preparation is key, so I'm off to wind down, read a bit, and catch an early night. If your life depends on me posting daily, then I warn you now, it may not happen every day this week. Mind you if your life depends on me posting daily, you really should be

Comments required

echoedsecrets. Hmmm as this is supposed to be a 'gadget filled' website I s'pos I should get me one of them thar tag boards. And here was me just looking for a commenting system, any suggestions anyone?


OK, let me run this by you. I wanna see if it's just me or whether this is reasonably common (well common in people like us - you know what I mean). Sometimes I like to do nothing, well more often than not actually. I'm adept at finding excuses to not do something. Take, for


East Kilbride shopping centre early a.m. - hunting for wedding present and purple attire, found neither. Hamilton for lunch - same shoppng goals - got wedding present, a lovely set of glasses (more on that in a sec). Glasgow for secondary shopping goal - purple attire - remembered why we don't travel across the city


Weird weather does not make a good weekend. Uncertainty about what to wear, jumper or raincoat, just adds to the fun.

Busy bee

I'm working from home today, tapping away on my laptop. I get twice, nay thrice as much done when I work at home as there are NO interruptions. I don't mean that in a bad way, as a team leader/manager type bod my team require me to answer questions. I get involved in impromptu discussion

Top of the Pops

How the hell? Actually I don't care, it's the first time I've seen my site listed as Number One on Google!! Woo hoo. Yes I know I'm not helping by reposting the search terms, but it's an interesting question don't ya think? I certainly would like to find out the answer to the question: did