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Thank you for your kind comments to the previous post (‘for’ the previous post? Hmmm what is the correct term?)

Thankfully, this blog isn’t a chore, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I think I’ve just been spending a little too much time receiving radiation from a computer screen over the past few weeks.

However that’ll change as tonight (fanfare please!) the third season of 24 starts on Sky One!!! Woo, and most definitely, yay!

Of course I’ve seen the first five episodes already… and as it’s no longer on the BBC I’m guessing the followup show won’t be “Pure 24” but “American’s Worst Dressed Celebrity Police Crashes” (hosted by Kirsty Gallacher – hey I’ve not mentioned her in a while… yup, just checked, she’s still in my Top Ten referrers from Google right in front of David Gallagher… not helping her am I… now what as I saying?). Ohhh yes, Pure 24, the post 24 … errr… chat show? A couple of Y-list celebrities discuss, along with a knowledgeable studio audience, the latest episode. A constant source of “ohh I didn’t think of that” type revelations that made watching the next episode all the more interesting.

Anyway, having seen the first few episodes I can thoroughly recommend that you watch/record this one. Yes it can be far-fetched, but wait until the twists start, and the ‘looks’ (sorry, you need to be a fan to know what that means). Episode 4 or 5 I think is the first “OOOHHHHHH” moment. Well worth it too.

And that’s got me thinking. I’m aware that I should’ve watched Six Feet Under, and West Wing. I don’t like Buffy or Angel. Smallville and Charmed are my wife’s reason to live (and I enjoy Smallville too… ohh ok and Charmed is babe-lific), but what else should we be watching?

Doesn’t have to be American, or even fictitious, we both enjoy Grand Designs for example (did you see it last night, mad they are, mad!!).

So, I’m an alien, just arrived on Earth, I’ve been monitoring a few TV signals and I’m wondering what the best bits are?

Also: Trackbacks enabled. Give em a whirl.
AND: I’ve now got “Calling occupants of interplanetary craft” in my head. Could be worse I guess.

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Currently in the auditioning queue: [parallax view]. A site that needed comments if ever I saw one. Even if only to allow me to point out the Kirsty Gallacher calendar I was admiring at the weekend.

And he also helps me point all those Googlers who want pics of her naked, well she’s not naked but rather wet.

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Prompted, in part by Gert, I thought I’d go a little further than check my referrers but actually go and find out something about some of the more frequent ones. Now considering the top 5 are (in no particular order):
1. “Kylie’s bum”
2. “kicking men in the nuts”
3. “Kirsty Gallacher”
4. “David Gallagher”
5. “something”

I thought I’d pick the one I knew least about and exclude the one that I really don’t want to find – can you guess which?

So without further ado I give you (and everyone who keeps appearing here looking for him): David Gallagher. An actor it seems, who I’m guessing is quite cute judging by the number of people who append “underwear pics” to their search…

Other thoughts about this little ‘experiment’ :
1. I’m the first site WITHOUT the word something in the URL to appear in the Google search for that very word, and on the first page no less.
2. Kylie’s bum is everywhere, even sitting on my desk, no not literally, I would hardly be sitting here typing this if … ahem… anyway a picture of her is…
3. We (bloggers) keep doing this, offering the search robots more reasons to find our site for things we aren’t really associated with (no matter how much we would like to be…), vicious circle or self-serving linkage? What’s it all about (Alfieee).

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OK, every single damn day I get some form of search about the lovely Ms.Gallacher. So without further ado: Kirsty Gallacher.

Now don’t say I’m not good to you, and don’t worry, I won’t tell your Mum (if you don’t tell mine…)

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