The weekend that was

Friday was damp. Friday was wet. Friday was a pretty fucking good day mainly because a band called Radiohead was playing at Glasgow Green and, whilst it there was a light drizzle for most of the evening I really didn't care. I was just happy to be there and listen to them blast their way

Recently Read

Almost halfway through the year and I'm still finding new technical communications blogs. If you have recently started blogging about this wonderous profession of ours do let me know. On with the last findings. Web 2.0 and Truth Sarah O'Keefe presented at the recent X-Pubs conference on Web 2.0 and Truth. It's an interesting read,

On Writing

One day I'll figure out how many words I type in an average (week)day. I have absolutely no idea what that total will be but I can already guess that it'll scare the bejesus outta me. Be they emails, instant messages, text messages, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, blog posts, blog comments, articles or just jotting down

Interestingly Mundane

Blimey, yer a strange bunch. In fact I'm also a little insulted. I spend hours crafting blog posts, considering the weighty issues of the day, or trying to capture the elusive quality of a moment, carefully choosing my words to be thought-provokingly poetic. Despite all that, what are the topics that really get you going?

Feeling Brave

OK OK, I'll bite. Gentlemen of the audience. How do you hang clothes up to dry? Presuming you aren't just leaving them in a sodden clump, and that you hang them over a line or a clothes horse... can there really be a WRONG way to hang clothes up to dry? The way I hang

Pure distilled poison

Calamity!! Dearest blog reader your intrepid blog writer almost did himself in this morning, so forgive me if I seem a little shaken, if not stirred. My morning ritual at work is well entrenched and includes a cup of coffee. I'm still not sure if I'm as addicted to caffeine as I make out but

Your publishing model is broken

When do you publish (release) documentation? Inline with the latest version of your product I'd expect as that's the traditional model and, and believe me I hate to be the one to break this to you, that's no longer acceptable. Please don't shoot the messenger, it's not my fault, if you are going to blame

Sudden need for habit

Everything happens at once. It's always the way of these things, the calendar remains empty until, all of a sudden you realise you have a concert and a leaving do to attend one evening, and a day/evening session in the pub the next day. Such is the case this coming Friday, Radiohead gig at Glasgow

Sign reads: Occupied

Gosh the football is good, isn't it. Way better than a World Cup, not as long winded as an entire season and, a few games aside (I'm looking at you France), bloody top quality entertainment. Apparently there are other things that can be watched on TV at the moment but, seriously, why would you? In

Promoting DITA without promoting DITA

Recently Scott Abel posted a heartfelt plea to get people all psyched up about how to better promote DITA to the rest of the world. He backs the idea of the DITA Adoption Technical Committee, stating that: "we need excellent communicators with the gumption, know-how, and network to get the word out about the many

Let's Dance

Despite having been blogging for some years now, I still put myself under some weird pressure to post every day or so and as such I have developed a dance I like to call the "Start Stop two-step". It's quite simple and I'm sure many my fellow bloggers have mastered it already, but if you

Hi there

A quick welcome to anyone visiting from the ISTC Communicator magazine. I feel a little spoiled getting two mentions in subsequent pages (10 & 12 if you are wondering) but I'm not really complaining. Over the past year or so I've definitely got the feeling that the ISTC is changing, and it certainly feels like

In the garden of pain

After a rather good Friday night, I spent most of Saturday getting re-acquainted with the sofa whilst Louise was off buying plants for the garden. So, when Sunday rolled around and the weather was fair, we headed out into the garden. Although to be completely honest Louise headed out into the garden and I delayed

Web 2.0 is hard

Question: How much investment does Web 2.0 really take? Answer: A lot. I've seen the same quote repeated in several different locations recently. It was uttered by O'Reilly and has the twin benefits of being short, quantitative, and seemingly true. As I'm in the midst of setting up a new website for our company, focussed