Reading time: 2 mins I got dragged out shopping tonight. Dragged. There was some muttering about “no bloody football on” or somesuch but I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. She really must learn to stop gritting her teeth. AND Someone asked me for a suggestion for a quiet pub in Glasgow. I spent quite a while […]

Spurring myself on

Reading time: 2 mins Between the World Cup, Wimbledon and my re-found interest in Football Manager (the game), not to mention to site designs and the ever present gardening requirements, I find myself going through phases of intense effort then flip-flopping into complete and utter apathy. It’s most odd. One minute I’m completing long overdue tasks, the next I’m […]

Thank You

Reading time: < 1 min Just thought I’d take a moment out from the… erm… usual “schedule” (that’s a laugh) to thank each and every one of you who visits this site. Whether you comment or not, I DO appreciate you taking the time. I do try and make time to visit the sites of those who comment, and it’s […]


Reading time: 2 mins I have jogged. I did jog. I used to jog on occasion. Not often though, but that was mainly due to shin splints which hurt like buggery and ultimately put me off the venture each time I try it… now that may be down to my weight, bad form and technique, the wrong trainers, or […]


Reading time: 2 mins Saturday morning, and a new coffee house in Hamilton. Nice and spacious, classy decor and an interesting menu. Unfortunately the coffee wasn’t up to much and the slice of apple pie that we shared was dry and spongey. Back to our regular haunt, Crema, next time. A wander round the shops, some shocking treatment in […]


Reading time: 2 mins All my troubles seemed so faaarr awaaayyyyy… Ahhh what a great song that is.. such wonderful melancholy. But I’m not. Quite happy as it turns out. Why so? Read on, dear reader, read on. My darling wife turned *coughsplutter* yesterday, her brother came over for dinner, and my parents came over later on and we […]