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Between the World Cup, Wimbledon and my re-found interest in Football Manager (the game), not to mention to site designs and the ever present gardening requirements, I find myself going through phases of intense effort then flip-flopping into complete and utter apathy. It’s most odd.

One minute I’m completing long overdue tasks, the next I’m slumped in front of the telly and wondering why I don’t spend more of my time relaxing. I get bored pretty easily though, so I guess that’s part of it.

Now whilst this means I’m getting a lot of stuff done, it also means that I get slightly impatient about things. Take, for example, the jogging club I mentioned on Monday. Turns out it’s part of the Jog Scotland scheme, and the next round of classes start on the 12th of July.

That’s two weeks away. Two weeks. I’m hoping I still have the desire to go and do it by then.

In saying that, from looking on their website, and particularly after talking to Bonny who runs the North Lanarkshire club I’ll be joining (not sure why my council in South Lanarkshire doesn’t have a club yet, but I’d imagine it would use Strathclyde Park as the venue anyway, so it makes no difference to me), I figure that I’ll probably slot into the second level of Beginner classes. The first level is “for the real couch potatoes, the main aim is to get them, after several weeks, to a point they can jog for ten minutes”. I’m pretty sure I can do that already, but I won’t make presumptions until I get there.

I’m going to hold off purchasing new trainers as it sounds like the opening weeks won’t be too intense, although I do get a 10% voucher off New Balance trainers when I join the scheme so that’ll help (current budgets are solely focussed on home improvements – a leaky front door – and general things like… eating.. and so on).

Of course what I should be doing is using the two weeks to lose a little more weight, and get some walking/jogging in beforehand. Give myself a good starting point. In other words I should be looking for the positives.

Problem is that this weekend we’re out for a curry and beer with some friends on Friday night, and then a BBQ on Saturday, more beer and food, and then a day trip to Haggerston on Sunday which will no doubt feature a chippy somewhere – I mean you can’t have a day out without stopping off at a chippy, it’s the law!

Oh well, the diet can start on Monday.

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