All my troubles seemed so faaarr awaaayyyyy…

Ahhh what a great song that is.. such wonderful melancholy. But I’m not. Quite happy as it turns out. Why so? Read on, dear reader, read on.

My darling wife turned *coughsplutter* yesterday, her brother came over for dinner, and my parents came over later on and we now have new plants for the garden, amongst other pressies of course. A few glasses of wine, and the rest we’ll leave unspoken.

I was slightly concerned about how Louise would be yesterday, the first birthday since her mother passed away, but aside from a little bubble she was in a hugely cheery mood. It was quite a relief, and this extends back to her week in Spain visiting her Dad, marks the end of another part of the grieving process. Since she came back from Spain she’s been a lot better, and a lot more focussed on her own life, and she’s back to being the wonderful woman I love. It’s a huge weight off my mind and, whilst there will still be moments and there are a few landmark dates to get through, we are starting to think of the future.

Life continues apace of course, the other stuff I do is going well, and I’m in mid-mockup for two sites (one a ong standing project), and recently finished one for a local company, who happens to be friends of ours – if I mention a games room in coming weeks you can find a photo of it, pre-pool table, on the site.

We’re planning a weekend away somewhere – York possibly – and are hoping to get out to Athens to visit a friend who is working there sometime in September. All good stuff.

Add all that to the fact it’s Friday and I’m positively a glow with cheer, not even the bloody weather can deter my mood.

Speaking of which:

Been updating this for a while now, not sure why though…