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Mud. Lots and lots of mud. Thick, gloopy, sticky, and slippy all at once, my legs feel very toned after a few days of dealing with it, but hey, what’s a little mud amongst friends? Glastonbury, for me, is a strange place full of experiences weird and wonderful, of random conversations with friendly strangers, of…

Weekend Reading (late)

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No Weekend Reading next week as I’ll be standing in a muddy field in Somerset, I hear there might be some bands there too. Looks like this didn’t post! Oh well, here it is now anyway Parents are worried the Amazon Echo is conditioning their kids to be rude Alexa will put up with just…

Weekend Reading

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Here Is The Powerful Letter The Stanford Victim Read Aloud To Her Attacker Read this. Send it to your friends. If you are a man, read it twice. One night in January 2015, two Stanford University graduate students biking across campus spotted a freshman thrusting his body on top of an unconscious, half-naked woman behind…

10 Reasons my blog isn’t popular

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My version of ’10 Productivity Tips’ would be ‘pick a system and use it, stop wasting time picking a system, most people just need a list of things that need done that day’. I write about me. My thoughts, my life. Narcissism central round here. I don’t stick to one topic. When I’m not writing…

Weekend Reading

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The Story Behind Monopoly Pieces While many board games use colorful little pegs as markers, Monopoly, the game with the unique power to unite and divide a family in the matter of an hour, has those odd tokens you’re no doubt familiar with. I always wanted to be the shoe, but I’m not sure why….