The Hunt

Reading time: < 1 min Ready, prepared, weapons in place, the fresh stench of aftershave fills the air, a clean shirt buttoned, wallet checked, protection an annoyance. On the bus, eyes everywhere, bodies chat and vodka laughs, the vehicle vibrates week long sexual energy, the weekend hunt is on. She with the warpaint camouflage, ready with her lures, lurid nails […]

Breathe and stop

Reading time: 2 mins It’s easy to get swept along by life, to grab on to things and go where the current takes you but that’s different from choosing where you want to go, even if that means you have to let go of some things and work hard to keep to your own course. Breathe. The above sentence […]

Why I am not quitting Facebook

Reading time: 4 mins Sometimes when I’m writing for this blog, it feels like there is a conspiracy going on to make me think about, and write about, a particular topic. So with that in mind I will happily concede that this post was inspired by Lipstick Lori (who is writing some great stuff at the moment!) writing about […]

Six by Nico: Childhood

Reading time: 4 mins Six weeks have past, and it’s time for a new menu at Six by Nico! They announced this menu the same night we visited last time, and after such a stellar start I was keen to get back but a little nervous in case it wasn’t quite up to the same standard. Mind you, it’s […]

My First Kiss

Reading time: 3 mins The names have been changed to protect the innocent I was eleven when I had my first kiss. Eleven going on eight, as all boys are at that age, our childishness thrown into stark relief against the maturity of the girls in our class. Eleven going on sixteen as we faked our way to maturity. […]

Bits and bobs

Reading time: 2 mins AKA stuff that should probably be tweets. The restorative powers of hanging out with a toddler should not be underestimated. Even is she is currently, essentially, a tiny drunk shouty dictator. She is also as cute as a button. Since moving to a flat with a west facing living room window, I seem to have […]