My name is Gordon McLean, I’m very much a work in progress. Just like you.

By day I go to work, at night I go home, spend time with my partner and our dogs, and lead a wonderfully fulfilled and healthy lifestyle in true Instagram fashion. In reality whilst I do go the exercise regularly, I still eat too much pizza and ice cream but, hey, life’s too short.

I have been in polyamorous relationships, I’m not any more.

I don’t believe sexuality is fixed (am I bisexual? maybe), and your gender is your business, I’m a white cis man and I do my very best to remember how much privilege that brings me (if I don’t, please point it out, I’m only human and still making mistakes).

I’ve probably learnt more about myself in the past few years than I have during the rest of my life (something I’m both proud and ashamed of in equal measure).

I’m cheeky and sarcastic and can be a little bit loud in groups.

I enjoy time alone with a good book and a good coffee.

I don’t handle detail well, nor do I hold any sway with people who deal in absolutes. Nothing is black and white.

I am tattooed because I like having art on me (and the entire process fascinates me).

I go to gigs a lot because I like live music (I also like recorded music but it’s always different hearing a favourite song live).

I am a fan of well designed products, no not JUST Apple ones but, yeah, mostly Apple products (just don’t tell my Alexa).

I like music and watching sports as much as I like long walks and quiet solitude.

One day I will write a book. I am writing a book. I will finish writing a book.

Basically, I’m just like you. Made of many parts, some of which remain in permanent conflict, all of which make me whole and happy.

I have many flaws, but I’m happy and content with who I am. I like to learn and adjust and improve, hence the title of this blog.

About This Site

I’ve had a few blogs in different places under different titles, but to make things easier (for me) I’ve amalgamated them all here. So if you know me from One Man Blogs or One Man Writes, then you’ll find all that content here. If you know me from One Man Tells Tales, then I’ll introduce you to the other person who does as well (my Mum).

The earliest version of this site that the Wayback Machine can find is from October 2000 and doesn’t look great as it’s lost the images and stylesheets. The earliest for snowgoon.co.uk is from March 2001, and oh how I wish I’d been more diligent in keeping older versions of the site properly archived.

Privacy and Copyright Issues

I publish under a Creative Commons license. So that’s me covered (essentially, credit me if I wrote what you are using, and it would be nice to hear about where it is used as well). As for you guys, any comments left in my comment boxes are subject to my whim and whimsy … kidding. I may delete duplicated posts, or tidy up broken HTML but I will never ever ever edit your comment (OK, unless it’s hateful). That’s your responsibility, I mean it’s not like I tell you what to wear in the morning is it (is it?). I reserve the right to change my mind about this policy at any time. This is NOT a democracy.