This is the most vivid dream I have ever had, yet it doesn't deal with an every day scenario, I wrote this as soon as I woke for fear of losing the images it gave me. Tumbling, passing over shapes and forms, passing identities shard and splinter before allowing recognition. Only the faintest glimmer of


Promises, promises. Stagnant is probably the wrong word, but that's what it feels like. Same old, same old. Get up, go to work, go home, have dinner, watch TV (or sit at the PC), go to bed. Not been to T'ai Chi yet, nor found anywhere to play basketball. Have started playing 5-a-side weekly, but

For hire

Received some information today that made me think. I stopped what I was doing and thought hard about it, then realised the utter preposterousness(?) of it and laughed it off... trouble is I think the person who sent it to me was serious. I thought they had better judgement, hell I know they have better

White slush

Lovely morning, white cotton blanket had been laid over everything, and was still falling as we drove to work. Afternoon not quite as nice, an abundance of white flakes still making their floaty way down from the sky, unfortunately the temperature has risen just enough to turn them into that horrible, cold, wet slush that

Working weekend

Almost end of weekend. Quiet. Friday night up to 3 a.m. drinking tequila. Saturday hungover. Sunday in work all afternoon setting up laptop to make sure I don't lose any time on Monday. I should really have been home, reading the papers, drinking coffee, should I be shifting my perspective?

Politically bent

Up and down, up and down, up and down. Simple enough and applies to several different 'problems' at the moment - most work related. Kinda a 2 steps forward, slight pause looking ahead then, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 .steps back (count 'em). I can solve some of the problems, the others


You know sometimes I just wish my brain would switch off. I also wish my creative juices would kick in, I've been bashing a WinAmp skin to death for the last week or so, and so far it looks like... looks like... hell I don't even know what it looks like! That and the fact

Capaldi Ring

Did you have a good weekend? I most certainly did. If you are happy with that statement, feel free to ignore the following recap. Friday night, tried out Chili's, a new pub, very nice, well done James, you said it was what Dumbarton needed and you were right! Drank too much Stella, had a laugh

On the Horizon

So, the weekend looms. Back is killing me, but beer will help me relax. Have a good one - see you Monday! (OK, ok, maybe Sunday night.....)

Good News

Our nephew has had several sessions of corrective surgery with no real degree of success. Until now. Finally we are seeing some results. Words can't really express how happy we are, he's been through a lot for a 14 year old, looks like the end is in sight.


I'm scared. I have to spend the entire weekend away from my PC. How will I cope? Real-life looms... ominously on the horizon, a couple of nights out, and a visit to the in-laws on their return from holiday. Drinking, good food, good company, I think I'll struggle through. Mind you, back is still sore,


Dunno why but I think things have taken a turn for the better. A lot of it is gut feel, but it is backed up by some comments I heard, people are listening. I'm also considering a new career - movie stardom. All started at the doctor's today, he was a trainee and asked if

Good, bad, mellow

Napster decision bad, meteor landing intriguing, NBA ALLstar weekend good! I feel a lot mellower (is that even a word?) now. Not sure whether it was my rant last week, the time I had sitting about thinking when I was prone on my bed, or whether I've just reached a point where all I can