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Losing focus somewhat at the moment. So many websites closing down, job is kinda static at the moment, and we’ve ground to halt on the home front, think we did so much so early on that we are now just enjoying the house. Must give myself a kick over the weekend. Also struggling to change ISP. My new ISP has a wonderful system where you email your problem (namely that the webspace I created I want changed to my alias instead of my username…) and the reply via email saying, and I’m paraphrasing here: “Thanks for your email but to do what you want we need to charge you £1 a minute on our technical support phone line.”

I don’t know why but this is leading me to another rant against banks and there insistence that it takes 3-4 days to process ANYTHING. That’s one hell of a time delay on that keystroke…


gone fishin’ Sad to see it go, as with so many others, but as ever the story behind it, whether you know all the details or not, justifies the means. Good luck my friend, stay in touch, and enjoy life.

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waferbaby: we eat bandwidth for breakfast

Haven’t visited a lot of my ‘regular’ haunts for a while, but it’s always reassuring when they are:
a. still there
b. still up-to-date
c. include valid CSS that I can check out to try and figure out where mine has gone wrong!

Ohh the content is pretty good too.. 😉


Nothing to say. Re-design (v.slight) on the way, still awaiting ISP change over. Tired now. Bed.


Getting back on an even keel. Re-working site design. And generally trying to be healthier and stay away from the PC for longer. Is working just now but I know I will come crawling back like an estranged lover, with all the guilt that implies. OK, ok that’s a tad melodramatic (a tad! sheesh!) but you get the point. Have bought a bike to help me get fit, and a PlayStation 2 to, emmm, counteract that I suppose… dammit failed again.

A couple of days late, but happy birfday matey (and your better half too), and no mine isn’t til next month Stu… (but it did give me a much needed good laugh. Thanks!!).

God, I hate it when I do that, all cryptic and trying to pretend I’m part of an elite group of friends (which, of course, I am).