Getting back on an even keel. Re-working site design. And generally trying to be healthier and stay away from the PC for longer. Is working just now but I know I will come crawling back like an estranged lover, with all the guilt that implies. OK, ok that’s a tad melodramatic (a tad! sheesh!) but you get the point. Have bought a bike to help me get fit, and a PlayStation 2 to, emmm, counteract that I suppose… dammit failed again.

A couple of days late, but happy birfday matey (and your better half too), and no mine isn’t til next month Stu… (but it did give me a much needed good laugh. Thanks!!).

God, I hate it when I do that, all cryptic and trying to pretend I’m part of an elite group of friends (which, of course, I am).