Is it bad that, whilst I do commiserate with my mate and feel sorry for him, I'm still quietly gloating that the hard drive on his shiny widescreen iBook has gone phut? Anyway, if you do have an iBook, then watch out for some very obvious screen glitches/artefacts. Having seen it on Saturday I agreed


Right, that's the car insurance sorted out. DirectLine were the best of the ... ohh 8, 9 places I tried online? The AA were the worst by a good £200. No rhyme nor reason to it, but I gave up trying to figure it out ages ago. Of the places I tried only two asked

Bring me love

What a glorious day it is here in sunny Glasgow. Well I'm presuming it is as things look a bit murky through the film of grime on the window to my right. It was certainly quite lovely this morning, and I almost didn't get on the train, preferring to stand there and full the sun


Friday evening is lost in a blur of Guinness and conversations about "tromboning" and generic viagra. So I'll move swiftly on to Saturday. Keith stayed with us on Friday night so a leisurely morning, followed by a discussion about his new website (what he wants in it), and then we headed into Glasgow. Couple of


There will be no blogging this weekend because: My best mate is in town tonight and tomorrow, that means a lot of beer Going straight to the pub from work tonight Out most of day tomorrow - beer, Revenge of the Sith, food, more beer Sunday and (hangover permitting) either out in garden (weather permitting),

On your marks

To which of these ethnic groups do you consider you belong? White British Any other white background Mixed White and Black Caribbean White and Black African White and Asian Any other Mixed background Asian or Asian British Indian Pakistani Bangladeshi Any other Asian background Black or Black British Caribbean African Any other Black background Chinese


Pulled into an impromptu training session today, plans for the day abandoned, and so playing catchup with the quick and easy tasks. Playing football from six to seven, heading to Asda once I get home. Aiming to be home by nine, have dinner, maybe watch some TV and then to bed. Where did the day

Real people

I was working at home the last couple of days, mainly research and planning (which now means I fully understand the tasks ahead of me for a particular project and it's now scaring the heebie jeebies outta me!!), and it's always a bit odd slipping back into the stream of commuters and co-workers. It's akin


I watch and follow a lot of sport, in fact there are few sports I don't watch - horse racing being the main one (I just typed "house racing" which could be an interesting DIY show...). I prefer basketball to football, football to rugby, and everything else falls in line after that. I play 5-a-side


We have some empty picture frames lying around, and we'd like to put some photos of our friends and family in them. This poses a slight problem though as we don't have any photos that we like. I did a little research last night, and as we are getting together with our friends at the


Why don't we teach basic financial lessons at school? Surely in these days of mass consumerism, rising debt levels, ridiculous house prices, multi-credit cards and consolidation loans, it make some sense to offer simple and practical advice? It's one of those things you are just supposed to "know", isn't it. Yet when I come across


Just a quick note. The guy(s) over at BritBlog are calling for some ideas and suggestions as they prepare to revamp their site and their service. I'm going to be involved on some level, but more on that later. So, if you are a member of the BritBlog directory, check out the current list of

Only a game

Visited my Gran yesterday, hadn't seen her for a couple of weeks and she's doing fine. She asked me to, again, thank you all for your previous kind wishes. The printout my Mum took to show her is still on her table, and she made sure I looked through it again, you are a nice