bookmark_borderAnother year approaches

Can’t quite believe that 2013 is almost over. Looking back it’s been a fairly eventful year, but then, it’s every one?

At work I changed roles to do a job I hadn’t done before. It’s been stressful, exciting, and bloody hard work but I’m still glad I took the opportunity. There was some more travel to Sunnyvale but much less than I anticipated.

I also managed to get my running back on track enough to do a 5K, alas things fell away again so I’m looking for a new goal to get me back on track.

Holiday wise I didn’t get away anywhere other than to Glastonbury. It was fantastic, a second year for Kirsty and I, and we were much better prepared and a lot less over-awed by the whole thing than we were in 2012. Some great bands and great experiences, properly gutted that we won’t be there next year.

Speaking of next year, one positive life event was meeting Clare, my other partner. It’s been a whirlwind six months, exploring our poly relationships and finding the balance but things seem to be evening out and it’s looking good for the coming year together.

I don’t do resolutions but I will continue with my desire to simplify my life as much as I can. Decluttering my flat, stepping away from social media more (Facebook will get slimmed down dramatically), and finding time for myself to let me be more of the person I want to be. That means more changes to my lifestyle, aiming to be healthier, read more and all the usual ‘life’ aims that so many people strive for.

I won’t achieve them all next year but as long as I take some steps towards some of them I’ll continue to be happy.

Which is a great way to finish this year. I am happy.

bookmark_borderWhat Poly Looks Like

I’ve mentioned this before, but despite how many people think a set of polyamorous relationships work, the reality is that it takes a lot of work, communication and calendaring to get to the good bits of having multiple, loving partners to spend time with.

We’ve just about got the next two weeks sorted it and it struck me that this is a perfect sign of trying to balance the desires and plans of four people around the festive period, particularly given that we all also have added pressures/desires to be with families.

This is what next week looks like (and it doesn’t include everything!).

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 23.12.27

Thank the baby jebus for shared Google Calendars!

bookmark_borderFriends and Family

I’m very lucky.

I have a small but loyal group of friends and a small but loving family. I’m guilty at times of taking these easily, if not for granted, nor making the time to see them when I should.

This time of year highlights these facts of course, and I take some solace that I’ve seen a little more of my friends this year than I’ve managed previously. As for my family, well I sometimes fear that I’m becoming something of the ‘absent son’. My parents are very independent but each time I visit, about once a month these days, I notice more and more how things are changing.

And don’t ask me the last time I saw my sister.

These thoughts are not new, they always surface at this time of year along with promises to do more, take more time, see more of everyone.

However they are definitely coinciding with other thoughts around materialism and my ongoing and growing lack of desire for ‘things’. I’m in the middle of de-cluttering my flat, throwing out (or passing on) the things I’ve accumulated that I don’t need or don’t want, and generally have a desire to make life as simple as I can.

My hope is that simplicity will allow me the energy and time to focus on the important things, the people I love and care for.

bookmark_borderWinding down

The past couple of weeks have been somewhat hectic. It’s part and parcel of my job and these times aren’t the norm but they do happen and no matter how far in advance I know of them they always hit me pretty hard.

My stress levels and working hours rise, sleep decreases and I end up in a mostly grumpy/stressed mood. I try to keep a lid on all that when I’m dealing with my loved ones of course, which takes some effort which adds to the tiredness and… so on and so forth. It’s a short brutal cycle that veers from grumpiness to out and out anger, quickly followed by a ‘how do I sort this’ bluntness which can be useful but which I find hard to shake. Once that mood sets in I can be very very productive both at work and at home.

None of this is a complaint. For the most part I enjoy my job, but I need to find better (easier/quicker) ways to get out of ‘work mode’. I know how my behaviour changes when stress hits, I become very very focused and goal oriented, and tend to take a very direct, sometimes provocative, approach to things. Basically, it boils down to ‘shit needs to get done so do it or get out of my way and let me do it’.

It’s not good and it’s definitely not healthy!

It’s also no real wonder that I’ve also had a doozy of a cold for the last three weeks that just does not want to die.

Thankfully I have two very very lovely and understanding girlfriends who have been very accommodating of my moods and needs, despite having their own stuff going on. Not that that excuses any of my bad behaviours but it has helped my stress levels dramatically.

They’ve helped me pause, relax and find my feet again. Those moments allow me to realise just how lucky I am these days.

And just how much I’m looking forward to being on holiday soon!

bookmark_borderI’m dreaming of…

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A Poly Christmas (ho ho ho!)

The festive season is upon us once more! Yuletide approaches, mince pies are being warmed, trees decorated and everywhere across the land talk turns to Christmas Day and the bounties that await on the dinner table. Families rejoice and gleefully wear lurid jumpers, novelty socks and all quietly enjoy the Queen’s speech.

Or so the TV adverts would have you believe. Ohhh yes, and we all drink Coke.

Putting my cynicism aside, it is true that for many, whether you celebrate it or not, the holidays are a time for family, loved ones and friends. It’s an excuse to indulge, or over-indulge, and enjoy the people in your life. For others, Christmas is wrought with reminders, decisions that don’t want to be made, and the sooner it’s all over the better.

But what about these poly people, how does Christmas work for them?

I have no idea as, dear reader, this is our first poly Christmas! However, we have been giving it some thought…

Christmas Nights out are already filling the (shared) calendars, and the not so trivial matter of ‘who will be where and when’ is being discussed. The holidays seem to bring an additional amplification to the normal concerns around being able to see your loved ones as we also have to factor in the expectations of family and close friends.

Planning is required but until hard decisions and discussions have been had, we are in limbo. Sometimes I wonder if we should just organise a conference call and get my partners, their partners, families, and friends all into one discussion… impossible of course, I know. Regardless, I’ve no doubt that, as supportive as our families have been, someone will feel they are losing out.

There are only so many hours in the day though.

Next up, nights out. Does a “+1” really mean just 1, or can I bring both of my partners? If not, who should accompany me? To add some spice to this quandary, I work with one of my partners so, for a company night out, she could be there with one of her other partners, and I could be there with mine? All four of us out together? (and my two partners also see each other…). How many tongues would that get wagging? (and do I give a shit?!).

We are still ‘new’ though, so visiting families is still happening. Reactions will need to be gauged and I’ve no doubt there are unknown questions still to be answered and, as the alcohol starts to flow, tongues loosen and curiosities are piqued, I’m sure they will be asked.

I’ve decided not to worry though. I will answer any questions honestly, safe in the knowledge that both my partners trust me and know that I love them and know that I wouldn’t do anything to put them in an awkward position.

Mind you, I am already very thankful we’ve already thought past Christmas and we will all be spending Hogmanay together! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!