Reading time: < 1 min How to raise your heart rate Whilst clearing out the garage, including brushing out the corners and ridding the place of cobwebs and numerous spiders, spot a sheet of wood that was once part of what is now your fireplace, grab it from the stack, and spin round, holding it up for your wife to […]

Happy Anniversary

Reading time: < 1 min 35 years ago my parents stood before friends and family and said “I do”. 35 years on and if you ask either one if they still love each other, they’ll say the same thing. Now, apparently: traditional 35th wedding anniversary gifts have a theme of Coral, whereas a contemporary or modern 35th anniversary gift has […]


Reading time: < 1 min Two episodes in and I’m just not convinced. Not sure whether it’s the addition of “stars”, the acting style of Ricky Gervais (although I think calling it acting is stretching things a bit), or some other factor but whilst there are some very funny moments it doesn’t feel complete. Of course that may be by […]


Reading time: < 1 min Like Lyle, I’m working at home, waiting for the presence of a Transco van to make itself known. Yes, the gasman is coming. I’m not holding my breath, which is just as well as it’s now 1.30pm and he’s yet to appear. Of course the coming of the gasman means one thing, yes that’s right, […]


Reading time: < 1 min There is a call centre near my office and every evening as I walk to the train station I partake in the “I’ll go left” waltz with many of the people heading to the call centre for the back shift. Last night, however, was a little bit different. As I turned the corner at the […]

Grayscale this

Reading time: < 1 min One for the Lazyweb methinks. Is there an EASY (non-coder) way to make all images that appear in a DIV, grayscale? PHP is the preferred langauge and you can presume access to the GD Library is available on the server. Note: I’m aware that IE users can utilise CSS for this but that’s not what […]