Why Fitbit is winning

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My main aim for this year was to lose weight. Actually that’s not true. My main aim for this year was to be happy which involves changing my lifestyle and habits, mostly focussed around my fitness and weight. Data helps me with this, tracking my weight loss lets me look back and see how I’ve…

I am Apple

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Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve ditched my Windows PC and bought a MacBook Air so all my PC tech is now Apple. Am I a fanboy? Possibly. But for me it’s more about things working easily, and I’m not really into hacking stuff these days so the fact I can plugin an Airport Express…

Cycling: Sat, 21 Jul 2012 09:32:11

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Nice and steady, left some in my legs to get up the hills on the way home 🙂 Activity: Cycling Distance: 7.44 mi Duration: 00:32:50

Back to Mac

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I’ve had a long term aim to move away from a big ‘box’ of a computer to a smaller laptop with a nice big storage system. Last week I took the last step towards that goal. I’ve been waiting several years for this and, in retrospect, should never have bought the last Dell machine I…