Jealous? Never

Reading time: < 1 min Happy Birthday Gran! Yikes it’s December on Friday, and as I live with a Crimbo Nutter that means our tree will be going up (Yes I know the whole 2 weeks before thing…). Still it does mean that a holiday is in sight, but as I’ve just pulled together a list of documents I need […]


Reading time: 2 mins The human species is evolving. But into what? Recent propositions have detailed a system where you can order products that you see when watching a film or tv programme. Product placement is now commonplace in major blockbusters, so now when you think – hey cool phone! – all you will need to do is push […]


Reading time: < 1 min Wrong again. Felt really flat on Friday but had a good weekend, relaxed, chilled, did the family thing and some Xmas shopping – not real Xmas shopping more like a laidback alternative, we stayed out of city centre and visited some out of the way places including a couple of garden centres… they have some […]


Reading time: < 1 min There are good Fridays and weekends to look forward to… don’t think this one counts…


Reading time: < 1 min Mass hysteria, mobs prowling the street with banners, wrongfully targetting lawful citizens. Where am I? The Middle East? Try Florida, U.S. of A. Personally I’m taking two approaches. 1. Agreeing with American friends that the whole situation is awful, and must be concluded (as long as [insert candidate] wins). 2. Quietly, smugly enjoying those damn […]

Who wants … to care

Reading time: < 1 min So I hear that someone finally won £1million on the damn show – I wonder how long it took to get Chris Tarrant to actually confirm her final answer was correct (if you are guessing that this particular programme annoys me you’d be understating). But was it a fix? Not only was the woman Camilla […]