Who wants … to care

So I hear that someone finally won £1million on the damn show – I wonder how long it took to get Chris Tarrant to actually confirm her final answer was correct (if you are guessing that this particular programme annoys me you’d be understating). But was it a fix? Not only was the woman Camilla Parker Bowles cousin, which doesn’t count for anything as the royals and lords and ladies of England are expert at inter-breeding.. but it turns out she acted out of character, and didn’t seem too suprised to have won. Fix? WHO CARES!!!

In other breaking news, I should hopefully finish of the stunningly UNoriginal re-design soon – and yes I will credit those that I may have ‘borrowed’ and idea or two from..

Ohh… and someone remind me to email S in Oz (SinOz) – the Sin bit is apt!! LOL