The human species is evolving. But into what?

Recent propositions have detailed a system where you can order products that you see when watching a film or tv programme. Product placement is now commonplace in major blockbusters, so now when you think – hey cool phone! – all you will need to do is push a button to order it.

WAP phones enable you to access up-to-the-minute information and news. The next generation will feature an ‘always-on’ connection, allowing business to push information out to you – when you are walking past your local cinema your phone will beep and you will be able to get cut-price tickets to the latest movie…walking past a fast food chain, it’ll tell you the latest tasty(?) deals.

You have a wealth of information available to you, and every day information is pushed at you from all sources. So much information to process, you probably spend a large amount of your time just deciding which bits of information you want to keep and which to ignore or discard.

And so we begin the evolution, we don’t need to get up, we can have food and products delivered. We only need to be able to process information. Soon social convention will kick in (it’s beginning already) to make the stay-at-home information human an acceptable reality. The life-span will shorten, due of lack of exercise and proper nutrition, and the body shape will change. The brain will grow, the arms become more fixed in a palms down hands out position, and legs will slowly shorten and disappear.

Yeuch…amorphous blobs, huge brains. Kinda like the Mekon meets Jabba the Hutt.

Alongside this there will be a separate species of human. One who is able to step away from this madness. Breathe fresh air. Walk in the park. Swim in the oceans. Ohhh wait, that one already exists.