Tomorrow, tomorrow, … yeuch I hate that damn kid!

ANYWAY – I’m on holiday tomorrow, and Friday. Heading up to Inverness to try and see some dolphins.

Friday I’m hoping to get some time to finish of the redesign (i.e. the WHOLE of Friday if past efforts are anything to go by…).

Saturday/Sunday in Edinburgh… wander round IKEA pretending we’re going to buy lots of expensive things, maybe head into Edinburgh city centre and try and catch a few festival ‘things’. Then… damn better phone Sal…

OK Sal, 3:04 and you weren’t in. Dropped you an email, will phone again later.

bookmark_borderNegative Progress

8pm, fire up PC. Open DreamWeaver. Play about for a bit. Close DreamWeaver. Open HomeSite. Open new site design project. Open Paint Shop Pro. Browse screenshots of various sites (used for ideas). Close Paint Shop Pro. Sketch out (again) proposed design. Navigation elements already decided and listed. Throw together a rough frameset or three. 11:52pm. Close HomeSite.

Progress = -10%.



Still really tired.. permanently – mind you I’ve got Thursday, Friday off work this week. Heading up to Inverness (for a suprise for Louise), and we might be heading through to Edinburgh at some point over the weekend.. hear that Sal? (BTW – how do you spell her name again?)

Had a good weekend. Bought a NEW car (brand new – 19 miles on clock), got TPM on video as well as The Third Man, Ben-Hur, and Brazil (at last). Now just have to find time to watch them. Also got Pearl Jam’s recent album, pretty good, bit samey though, although I don’t think I was in the right mood to listen to it.

Ohh and re-design hell continues. Maybe I should just concentrate on tweaking the current design. Hey it worked for Zeldman. Question: why does no-one call him Jeffrey?

Ohhh and have a look here, more (maybe) later.

bookmark_borderWhite Rabbit

I think I’m ill. Not sure really, no energy, permanently tired. Yeah… I’m ill.

I don’t have time to be ill.


Started to say something, now it’s gone. Back to the flittering thoughts, worrisome but I can cope with it.

bookmark_borderBohemian Rhapsody

Nature commands your respect, especially when you are standing directly under a large thunderstorm. An afternoon stroll quickly turned into a drenching, accompanied by a strong wind, hail, huge drops of rain, fork and sheet lightning, thunder so loud it made you jump, and enough static electricity in the air to make strands of Louise’s sodden hair stand up. Awesome. Cold but awesome, and so unexpected that all we could do was laugh.

Absolutely top weekend, quality time with my angel.

Oh and we got new mobile phones, I just need to get a flowing black leather coat, and clip-on sunglasses… and Carrie Ann Moss… mmmmmmm.