Still really tired.. permanently – mind you I’ve got Thursday, Friday off work this week. Heading up to Inverness (for a suprise for Louise), and we might be heading through to Edinburgh at some point over the weekend.. hear that Sal? (BTW – how do you spell her name again?)

Had a good weekend. Bought a NEW car (brand new – 19 miles on clock), got TPM on video as well as The Third Man, Ben-Hur, and Brazil (at last). Now just have to find time to watch them. Also got Pearl Jam’s recent album, pretty good, bit samey though, although I don’t think I was in the right mood to listen to it.

Ohh and re-design hell continues. Maybe I should just concentrate on tweaking the current design. Hey it worked for Zeldman. Question: why does no-one call him Jeffrey?

Ohhh and have a look here, more (maybe) later.