December in review

Reading time: 2 mins The last monthly review of the year! Not sure I’ll keep these going next year but time will tell. Lived Highlights Another visit to Six by Nico Completed my third (and final) BootCamp I got an inspirational Awesome Fiver Enjoyed the Gorillaz gig way more than anticipated Bought a new drinks cabinet Ohhh and Honeyblood […]

Gig: Honeyblood

Reading time: < 1 min Have yourself a Honeybloody Christmas! Featuring sets by Emme Woods, Man of Moon, and The Spook School (I only got there in time to catch the latter), there was a great atmosphere prior to Honeyblood coming on stage. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Gordon McLean (@gmclean) Having seen them twice, once […]

The day of boxing

Reading time: < 1 min It’s over. Another year and you’ve survived Christmas Day. Well done! For some Christmas can be an ordeal, a day to be gotten through. For others it’s a day to savour and enjoy. Whatever type of Christmas Day you had, it’s over now. Boxing Day is a day for leftovers if you have them (trifle […]

Five pounds

Reading time: 2 mins What would you do with a fiver? That’s the question recently posed by Awesome Foundation Glasgow, as they handed out bright pink envelopes on Buchanan Street. They hoped the fivers would be put to good use; donated to charity, maybe used to purchase food bank items, or used to buy a hot meal for someone […]

Slowing Down

Reading time: 4 mins Despite eschewing New Year Resolutions for the past few years I happily set myself the challenge of reading 24 novels this year (tracked in Goodreads). When I was younger I used to read a lot more than I do now but these days, with so many more things fighting for my attention, my ability to […]

BootCamp is Dead

Reading time: 2 mins My third (and final) BootCamp is over. That’s 10 weeks, two sessions a week, of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). DONE. No longer will I be getting up and going to the gym at 9am on a Saturday morning! This was my third BootCamp in a row and I’ve been lucky enough to meet some […]