Groups app for iPhone

I've had issues managing my contacts for many years now and, finally, I have a solution. The Address Book software provided as part of OSX is somewhat basic and, oddly, a little clunky to use and my recent debacle with Google Sync only heightened my frustration. Surely things should be better than this? Enter Groups

iPhone Contacts

These days, with so many different ways to keep track of people, managing your list of contacts can be a bit of a chore. Doubly so if, like me, you've tried various ways of synchronising your contact list between your phone and a PIM (Personal Information Manager), or even just between any mobile device and

Slowly Moving On

In at the deep end. Best foot forward. No time like the present. Life goes on. Such are the cliched thoughts that have been running through my head recently, obviously. But, before I continue, I would like to thank everyone who as commented here, sent me a DM on Twitter, or emailed me direct. Your

Planning your deliverables

I don't like making presumptions, something that I learned early on in my technical writing career, but I am going to presume that anyone who reads this knows that they should be planning what content they produce before they start writing. You do, right? A basic information plan will include knowledge about the audience, the

I remember

The car has barely stopped before I've got the door open and I'm sprinting through the gate and bounding up to the front door. With a twist of the big brass door knob I push the it open and announce our arrival with a cheery "Coooeeeee". I can still remember the smell of the house,

Writers' Bloc

It is somewhat timely that, as Post of the Week has died a death (lack of interest, unfortunately), another website that focusses on good writing has been born, Writers' Bloc. It's still new and shiny, but like most of these things it will live and die by the likes of you and I, and your

A petition arrives!

It begins "Dear Sir/Madam," and, being the former, I read on. "Objection to proposed Mobile Phone Base Station (Aqua Court/Nature Trail, O2 Cell Site: 040762)" I pause at this point. I have an O2 mobile phone, it has a crappy signal in my house, the new cell site would be up the hill a bit,

When users don’t want help

For a while now I've been watching video presentations from the likes of the TED and GEL sessions. Largely these are delivered by people who are at the forefront of their field or who challenge common perceptions with some unique thinking. The TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) sessions can be a bit random but they are

Grumpy Young Man

At some point, over the festive period just past, I found myself watching a TV series called "Grumpy Old Men" in which several personalities (they'd probably baulk at being called celebrities) rant and rave about the myriad of little things that annoy them; The people who talk loudly on their mobile phones, the fact that

Shortly written

The act of writing fiction, of considering the flow and cadence of certain words, the structure and pace of a sentence, the building of a paragraph, laying the foundations for something bigger is something with which I flirt. Most of my flirtations make their way here in the form of odd and completely random blog

Where would you live?

I'm off out tonight to have a few drinks with an ex-colleague who is about to head to Merika, for life (well for a while at least). He's sold up, got his paperwork in order and he, his lovely wife and their still new son will fly over to Texas and setup a home and

Sharepoint and the IPMM

I'm currently part of a cross company initiative (started at the grassroot level) that is aiming at improving our product based information, making the messaging more consistent and ensuring that our customers hear get the information they need, at the time they need it. This is from Marketing down through Sales and into the product


There is something very cathartic about have a good clearout. I'm not having a good clearout at the moment, nor a bad clearout for that matter, but I have been slowly whittling down 'stuff' for the past few months and everytime I tackle another little batch I do feel very pleased with myself. By nature