The joy of the lyric

So, I posted a photo from it but I wanted to mention the Emiliana Torrini gig I attend last week. The venue, Oran Mor, is quite small and intimate, occupying the top floor of an old church and holding maybe 400-500 people, tops. The stage wasn't set very high and, upon taking to it, the


Is it wrong that a little part of me is a tad disappointed I didn't quite manage to clock up 80 hours at work last week? Is it wrong that when faced with a proper cooked dinner, served at approximately the normal time for said meal, that I wonder how on earth I'm going to

Coming soon…

As we approach the end of our migration from FrameMaker 7 to Author-it, I'm going to try and pull together some lessons learned, some tips, and useful links that I've found along the way. I'm not claiming to be an expert (I'll leave that to Rhonda Bracey and Char James Tanny, amongst others!) but, as

Taking a break

I'm in the midst of a hectic, hectic week so I'm taking a wee break from this here blog. I'll be back at the weekend. (Of course I won't be completely silent) Until I return, here is a picture of Oll-E doing what he does best and what I'll manage little of in the coming

Bye bye STC

Before I say anything on this topic I'll confess that I am not fully versed in the history of the organisation. I am not a member, this is merely my take on some of the blog posts I've read on this matter. And there in is the my main point. I've read a lot about

New Bathroom

With only one minor hiccup, our new bathroom is now complete and usable and already stocked with new towels and other such things. It's not big, or flash but it's been long overdue and leaves only one more major job to get done before we have the entire house properly modernised.

Landing Pads

I'm guessing that you don't want to miss that landing pad because if you do you'll end up ditched in the ocean, floating around aimlessly and with no real idea of what to do next. Can you imagine how horrifying it would be if that happened? Floating there, unable to get back to land and

Colour and smiles

The sun was shining when I left work, a great brilliant light, dazzling me as we started to commute home. I'd been in a foul mood shortly before but there is something about that light that lifts my spirits no end. Even sitting in the traffic jam in the one way system in Paisley I

Dust covered

Home last night to view the latest bathroom work and we now have gyproc'd walls, floorboards and a bath. A great big, deep, long, WHITE, bath with centre mounted taps. We also have a very dusty cat. Whilst part of me knows that cliches are such because they are, usually, true, there is no doubting

Helter Skelter

When I get to the bottom I go back to the top of the slide Where I stop and turn and I go for a ride Till I get to the bottom and I see you again!!!! Ever get that feeling that you've been here before? I write this blog post with haste as I'm

New music exclusive!

Well, exclusive to my inbox at least, hey don't look a gift horse and all that, right? I'm not troubled bloody diva, published everywhere and rubbing shoulders with the stars or anything, I takes what I gets! So it was a very nice surprise to be able to receive an email in my inbox offering

Shiny and New

Despite suggesting that I had, I didn't actually purchase a 1TB drive the other day. I was perilously close and it was only the realisation that we were getting the bathroom done (and the car needs an MOT) that stopped me. The same basic maths (money in - money out) is what will stop me

Half Landing*

I may have mentioned this before, or at the very least hinted at it, but I'm big on planning. I research things, figure things out, make sure I understand them and then progress. If money is involved then I'm always keen to get the best I can, or something unique and original. So when it

Returning thoughts

Back from Spain, lightly roasted and still not quite up to speed with a working day (what, no siesta?!). As I normally do, I reviewed the list of actions I jotted down before I left and looked over some of the last bits of work I completed, just to make sure I had been focussing